Chat In The Hat

I would just like to announce…A mental health support chat room has been opened. It is called Freshly Depressed (in loving memory of a tribe member who lost her life to depression.) It is invite only, but this is mainly to weed out net trolls who just want to cause trouble.

If you are interested in chatting or even having a place to occasionally vent…Leave a comment or email me at for an invite (need an email address to send it to.) We’re light hearted there, often sarcastic or even banal, discussing TV shows, food, etc.  It’s not all doom and gloom and “what pills are you on”.  But if you need support for whatever mental health struggle you’re having…Please, stop in, check it out, don’t be afraid to reach out or steer the topic toward what you’re feeling.

In my 5 years on wordpress, I’ve met so many wonderful and supportive people who also make me laugh. This is a great tool to have when battling mental health problems or even a tough personal situation and I would like to share it with those in need.

(Free app available for phone/tablet users.)

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