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Short Fiction- Faded Ink

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Verse from the Crypt

She knelt in the rarely used attic, mindless of the particles of dust flying around, oblivious to the musty scent of a room that had been used as little more than storage space for a dozen years. Before her was a steamer trunk, well worn and showing its age, no hint remaining of its former leather beauty. Inside the trunk sat piles and piles of envelopes filled with thousands of letters. Some envelopes bore a postmark, others did not. She ran her fingers over the words inked so long ago and felt a tear in the corner of her eye. Oh, but she told herself, she would not cry because she had had so many years of joy. These yellowed withering old letters detailed a life well lived, and a woman who had been loved and given love.
She cringed as a muscle spasm overtook her leg and moved to…

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Woo hoo, I Bathed Today, Let’s Celebrate WITH THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN WEEKS

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Yesss. I conquered my own mental issues today enough to let my kid have company over for three hours, then I managed to take a bath and now…I want to share, gleefully, something that made me laugh sooo loud and so hard I thought I might break a rib. But first, the reason why this made me laugh so hard stems from when Bex was here in 2014 and made this video of Spook dancing to Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango.” It quickly became a fave for all of us to jam to in the car.



Today whilst reading multiple news sources, as always in an effort to make sure I am not simply getting one sided accounts, I came across this diamond. I don’t care if you’re a Trump fan, this is just funny. But hey, my kid is half Canadian and me and her still think Weird Al’s “Candian Idiot” is hilarious so we can poke fun at that which we love and loathe. Enjoy this, don’t, but I am telling you if current events have you feeling disgusted with the U.S.’s current political regime…You’re gonna find this funny as hell.


And if you don’t find it funny, well, you probably shouldn’t be on this blog. Gallows humor and parody are a religion here.

Just Shoot Me…

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Beautifully Random Stuff

I couldn’t come up with a better title than the show I am watching on TV right now, sorry for it’s social implications, as I am sure in 2018 even slang for taking pictures is insensitive to someone…Maybe that is part of why I’ve been sticking told shows like Just Shoot Me or my newer binge crush The Goldbergs. Free TV is free TV on the Vudu app and well, I saw a promo for the Goldbergs and it mentioned growing up in the 80’s so…I had to at least take a peek. Turns out I love that show, too.

So is it offensive for a non Jewish person to like a show about a Jewish family? Is it racially insensitive to remark they have aome Jewish customs? Ya know, I don’t know about shit anymore. I thought I’d subscribe to a diverse number of publications on line so I’d…

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My daughter did this, based only on seeing the Tardis poster on my bedroom door. I think she NAILED IT.

She’s oddly okay with me yelling MAYHEM!Do you have Allstate? every time her Magictracks cars bump each other.

Normal is overrated. Work the quirk, people.

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Accuracy of this! 😆

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Me. YES. THIS!!!

Nothing can describe my mind better!


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My Email Gifted Me With Something to Make Me Smile

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Beautifully Random Stuff

No one comprehends how difficult it is to jet even the tiniest joys out of life when you’re being psychologically eviscerated by depression and a less than optimal living situation. Today, however, just by opening some random thing I subscribed to by email (and I don’t even remember why), I was given a smile, a few laughs, and even a little reason to headbang.

Maybe it’s a parent thing (though I watched Pokemon at 6 a.m. back in 1999 when I had no kids, I just thought they were toooo cuuute!) and it didn’t impress my 9 year old cos she likes mellow music, she said ‘it’s too metal’. Is that even a thing? Oh, right, I really freaked her out when I found a death metal version of the country song she likes “Body Like A Back Road.” I thought it made the song more awesome. I’m metal to…

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Single Parenting While Bipolar

Posted in Uncategorized on October 29, 2018 by morgueticiaatoms

Spewage about parenting while under the influence of bipolar disorder.


Life with bipolar disorder is tough enough, even with the so called ‘lesser’ axis 2 diagnosis (cos being depressed 90% of the time isn’t as destructive as being manic 90% of the time). Doing it while being a single parent is even tougher. You get to feel your own feelings, absorb your child’s, and wonder constantly how your disorders have managed to impact your kid negatively or if you’re just a shitty parent.  Worse, the kid comes to believe they can scapegoat their failings on you and your disorders when in fact, they’re unrelated. My kid does this frequently and to be fair, I weigh things heavily on whether I am being irrational, acting on depression or anger, or if she’s truly behaving inappropriately. Thing is, kids aren’t fair so while I am doing my best to find balance, my kid is doing her best to find anything to blame…

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