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God Friended Me…what if?

Posted in depression, TV Shows with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 30, 2018 by morgueticiaatoms

First off, this is NOT a religious post. It is actually about how a new TV show I watched tonight sort of…well, reignited a spark of faith in me. I’m simply not organized religion material, and I am also not a hypocrite to claim beliefs I don’t possess. Even Satanism is too organized and all the ritual and going out of your way to be hedonistic, ugh, too much work.

What I consider myself outside of admiring Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster and being a lapsed Pastaferian is…someone with a spiritual side who has faith. In something larger than me, larger than all of us. God? Fate? Sacred Pegacorn? Chaos theory? String theory? I mean, honestly, you can have faith in many ways, not just in religious form.

I had not planned on watching “God Friended Me” because, well, uh, the religious connotation and the social media angle and…Okay, I’m a bit closed minded on things that give me the icks, I admit it. Plus, ffs, does Facebook really need more publicity by saying God Himself uses it? Just seemed an asinine premise and yet…I watched it.

My first impressions, aside from the ‘new’ social media angle of God friending someone, was that it resembled “Joan Of Arcadia” a great deal. Not preachy. Not judgey. Rather than forcefeed religion and God down my throat, it in fact validated my own doubts about my own ambivalence toward this “God” being. Its message was clear by the end of the show- help others and help yourself in the process. I got goosebumps watching it because its message was just that down to Earth and relateable. Much like “Joan”, the show’s message is about helping others and never knowing how it may all be tied together and paid forward. There was no focus on sin or morality or appearing in fancy clothes on certain days of the week to prove how faithful and Godly you are.

Near the end, I was both smiling with the ‘awwws’ and the tear of my tear ducts twinging. It was touching in a totally great way. (Like Touched By An Angel, and yes, I watched it, no shame, it was a good show.) Just one episode of this show opened my mind to ‘what if’ possibilities. I mean, if I used social media and I were to be friended by God in a bid to do good works and pay it forward thus also redeeming my own self worth…Would I decline or accept?

Knowing how good it feels to help someone-even when it’s something as silly as a stranger at a store asking me to get something off a top shelf for them because I am tall- it does enhance my self esteem and self worth. It makes me feel damned good. Not in an egotistical fashion, but in a “human decency feels really good, why don’t more people practice it?”

In today’s political climate where everything is all contentious and hostile and bickering and even those touting how they attend church regularly and they invoke the name of God and religion as if to absolve their own corruption…

A TV show brought back a spark I’d thought dead in 2016 when the world became a much uglier place with the charge lead by well, leader of the free world. Ugliness will always be out there but so will kindness. It’s just a choice we each have to make. Do something nice for someone else and feel rewarded for it or turn your back and let hatred or apathy rule your heart and mind.

Tonight, some friends of my sister’s came to our house with a couple of pieces of furniture we needed (dressers) so we could stop living out of laundry baskets. And they brought us about $60 worth of food because they know the donor’s flaking on support really hurt us financially. I didn’t ask for the kindness but they gave it and my gratitude is just well…

I so look forward to our situation improving and my mental state getting to a good place so that I can pay forward all the kindness shown to my child and I. I’m a skeptic and a cynic and the news stomps my naive hopefulness daily but…

I still have faith in something better, something bigger than politics and nastiness and faith is worth a lot. Faith and hope are as crucial to treating mental health disorders as the meds and counseling.

It will not, however, keep my car insured as mandated by the state so, yeah, I’m gonna keep promoting our fundraiser til people donate to make me stop.

If you feel lost or hopeless and need something positive to reignite faith in your soul…

Accept that friend request be it from God, Buddha, Spaghetti Monster, Lucifer…Even if it’s just a metaphor for allowing hope and kindness back into your heart and mind at a time when both these things seem to be weakenesses when in fact…they’re strength.

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