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For The First Time Since 2016, I Am Proud To Be An American Woman

Posted in depression, social issues with tags , , , , , on September 18, 2018 by morgueticiaatoms

I didn’t win the lottery, my mental demons are not cured, and the U.S. is still a pretty fucked up place right now BUT…


I finally tackled my noise anxiety and listened to a ‘new to me’ song by my beloved Motionless In White. Which lead to suggestions which lead to a couple of other interesting metal bands that sort of bolstered my sagging spirits.

Yesterday I read about the Tweetstorm of “Mormom Mom Solves Unwanted Pregnancy Problem” and was about to roll my eyes and close the tab WHEN LOW AND BEHOLD I GOT BITCHSLAPPED WITH MY OWN BIASES I DIDN’T REALIZE I HAD!!!

Because there I was, prepared for a Mormom woman to thump Bibles and castigate non religious vagina owners but instead…THE WOMAN IS FUCKING BRILLIANT! Scientifically speaking, MEN ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR UNWANTED PREGNANCIES THUS ABORTIONS. No, no, no, just READ what this brilliant lady posted on (the loathed by me) Twitter. Her argument as far as reproductive science goes is flawless. Gay men and woman can’t imprgenate each other. A woman can orgasm a zillion times and never get pregnant. Remember, this is a MARRIED MORMOM MOM pointing this out.

Since I abhor social media of Twitter and such ilk, I read the cliffnotesy breakdown linked here. She wordily serves up a topic usually approached while wearing hasmat gear with an explanation and a solution. It doesn’t matter if I agree with her word for word. Her point of view blew my mind, and frankly, gave me a needed reality check on my own bias against others when I am always spouting off about acceptance. I didn’t even want to hear her side because of my own issues. I am glad I defied myself and kept reading. I am truly enlightened. I know it will solve absolutely nothing politically and religiously on that topic but…

I ❤ that lady's thought processes, she's bloody wonderful in that regard!

And the cherry on top of today's "Whoaaa, why am I not feeling ashamed to be an American like usual?"….

Mr. Willie Nelson.

His political leanings suddenly upset fans who assumed he went their way and Willie just laughs and says, without apology, “I don’t care.”

He may lean toward Democrat but with that laid back attitude and the way he laughed it all off- it doesn’t make me think politics at all.

It makes me think here is an American, stating his beliefs, pointing out you’re entitled to your own, and not a voice was raised, not a bad word was uttered.

This heavy metal chick may not always dig your style of music, Mr. Nelson, but you are a true American and thank you for just reminding me what life here was like just a brief time ago…

For today… I’m feeling some good old fashioned American pride.