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The Conundrum of Seasonal Affective Disorder

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I must admit, I get a little pissy when I explain to people that I have extreme Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD, S.A.D) and they attempt to commiserate by saying, “Yeah, I get a little of the winter blues, too.” I really can’t fault them for their ignorance of comparing ‘the blues’ to a crippling months long depression that impacts every aspect of your functionality. Let’s face it. The world at large is very ignorant of mental health issues, period. While we have certainly come along way over the last 40 years or so about knowledge, stigma, and acceptance…It’s just one of those things that most people see as ‘if it doesn’t apply to me, I don’t need to know about it.”

Except if you have someone in your life, be it family, spouse, significant other, a friend, who has been diagnosed with extreme S.A.D, it would be very supportive for those around us to learn about the disorder so they can better understand why we have mood swings or sink into despair. It’s not merely winter blues. It’s like a shutdown of function and it is debillitating to live life that way 6-8 months of the year, depending on your geographic location and weather extremes. I give points to those who try to commiserate by admitting their winter blues, mind you. It’s just not a fair comparison.

I live in Bumfuck, Midwest, population 590, and the weather here gets pretty extreme without much consistence. For example, yesterday it was 92 and scorching. Today it’s 66 and the sun is peeking out after an hour long rain. While rain and lower temperature is certainly more comfortable for me, the sudden shift also leaves me reeling a bit. Fall and winter are the same way. One day in the 60’s, then it can drop to negative 3 the next day or rain for 3 straight weeks. It’s difficult to regain equibrium and even footing. I’ve been asked a zillion times, why not just move to a better climate? And I always point out the dollar signs factor. Just moving 7 miles out of town has nearly broken me. Can’t imagine what moving halfway across the country to warmer climate would cost.

The conundrum here, however, is that my other disorders are both helped and worsened by weather changes. I changed to a different med, got off the secondary antidepressant, and the winter turning to spring has helped immensely, even if it took the midwest til May for spring to actually appear. What happens to me during spring and summer is the polar opposite of fall and winter 90% of the time. I go hypomanic some days. I have more energy, more zest for life, more desire to keep fighting all the crap flung my way. But ALSO, since activity outside rises during warmer months, my anxiety metastasizes with all the noise triggers. People are out and about. There are lawnmowers and chainsaws and cars and kids on bikes shrieking and of course, my kid being her social butterfly self, always bored, always wanting a friend to play then she spends the entire time MOM MOM MOMming me to death because the friend makes her annoyed or angered. That’s the flip side to the depression lifting. I feel like I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown every single day because my sensory overload is tipping the scales that way.

In contrast, my anxiety goes way down during the winter (except during family helli-day get togethers) while depression seeps into me, slowly at first, and then BAM. Ninja depression has completely seized me and I can’t enjoy the calm because I’m too far down that black depressive rabbit hole.

It really sucks to endure life this way and hey, if someone wants to adopt us so we can relocate to warmer pastures with more steady climate…here we are, lol.

I think the biggest misconception about S.A.D though, is that it’s the same as ‘winter blues’. Those I know with winter blues don’t go days without bathing, or want to go to sleep at 6:30 p.m. or spend four months in layers of clothing under Fort Blankie because they can never get warm. SAD is a whole different beast. I’ve tried everything for it- aromatherpy, light therapy, color therapy, talk therapy, I even had my bloody chakras aligned during some new age phase in the 90’s. The doctors and therapists are so hung up on these ‘sun’ lamps that mimic natural sunlight and this is suppose to be some major boost or cure but for me…it does nothing. Except the same as extreme exposure to sunlight-give me massive headaches because of light sensitivity. I know light is healthier for easing depressive symptoms but it’s no cure and it definitely has a down side for me.

I resent how casually the professionals approach seasonal affective disorder. For them, I guess it is just winter blues. For me, around October, it means I start sinking in mental quicksand and know I won’t come out the other side til April. To say it hinders my life is understatement of the bloody year. It impacts my hygiene, my ability to go out on errands or keep up housework (already a Goliath sized chore for me), even the quality of parenting my kid because I retreat so far into darkness-not by choice- that she says she misses ‘fun mommy’. And I can’t say I blame her cos frankly, I miss fun me, too. But alas, the doctors just harp on that damn sun lamp and I flail for months and months, hoping my meds at least keep me propped up or I can try something different that might help. And this time, by stopping Wellbutrin and doing singular anti depressant therapy with Cymbalta, I am coming out on the other side.

Where my overly stimulated senses point me to a nervous breakdown.

Man, if I could just have two things on Earth, it’d be the higher mood of spring and summer and the lower anxiety during fall and winter YEAR ROUND. I want off this crumbling mountain, on solid ground.

But, then again, that’s pretty much the hope of any of us with mental imbalances so I am in good company.


Put through The Ringer

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Forgive any ‘more-than-usual-typos-, my keyboard is being a dick today.

So yeah, put thru the ringer…My kid came home from school after her tooth being pulled, fair enough. Next day she was horsing around in the grass by the bus stop and that is where people walk their dogs so I got a call to bring her new clothes as she has poop on hers. (Worse, she told them it came from inside our house, but I looked all over and there was nothing) then Friday I got a call to come get her cause horsing around at the bus stop resulted in some boy shoving her down and the nurse ‘feared’ her wrist might be broken. No, the school fears liability issues. So I listened to her bitch and moan about going to the doctor except promptcare won’t take her insurance and I spent a half hour on hold just TRYING to get a hold of the nurse practitioner…Finally said fuck it, she’ll live.

One wrist support and some McDonald’s later, she was pitching fries at the cats outside like a pro baseball player-with the injured wrist. I don’t doubt it was mildly sprained, but her level of drama was ridiculous. And I finally pried it out of her…she really wanted to see the doctor so they could give her a note out of gym class. (Oh, she is so my kid.) She says push ups are too hard and boring and her friend had a wrist sling and got to sit it out, so she thought she could, too. Hey, I get it, I broke three toes two seperatime times in junior high and it was blissful to be sent to the library for six weeks during gym class. I didn’t do it purposely and I didn’t milk it, either.

By Friday, after having her at the shop, at home, even now sleeping in my bed again due to nightmares…I dropped her off at my mom’s, went home, and was asleep by nine p.m. I was wiped the fuck out. I didn’t even entertain taking her to the school Halloween event. How can you call it family night when you separate the kids and parents so we can take classes in parenting (spend more time together as a family!!!!) while the kids get to see a magician??? I did it two other years, but after it all last week…my mental state just wasn’t amenable. And it doesn’t make me feel good, either. I also told her Saturday night we’d drive around to look at Halloween lights…IF she brought home her book log, which is worth ten points. She forgot it again so I showed her there was a consequence. Now she just sees me as a sickly promise breaker.

Three days straight she had tirades and yesterday was a full out tantrum because she forgot the book log again and I said, nope, no trick or treating two nights in a row, we had a deal. Wrong thing today. She became very violent, attacked me physically, started snarling, climbing furniture, touching my stuff, aiming a pen in a stabbing motion…She bawled, called me names, told me she hates me…It was worse than Saturday’s fit when she declared she wanted a tsunami to eat her up because she’s done such bad things like writing sex notes in church and lying and hitting people…Yeah, her guilt really ran deep, it lasted a day or so. I recorded the whole episode last night, though, she went insane. And started hurting herself and screaming that I was doing it. I was so terrified of that child, but I didn’t back down, didn’t give in. After she hit me the 7th time and kept coming, I grabbed the phone and told her I would call 911 if I had to. She tried to knock the phone out of my hand.

So I started ignoring her. And she stomped off to her room and ten minutes later was bringing me an apology note asking me to forgive her for hitting me. By which point, of course, I forgive, but I can’t forget, especially when these fits are becoming more frequent. And violent. She just drains me, I have nothing left to give. By 7 p.m. I am begging to just go to sleep…And now that she has stopped sleeping thru again due to return of the night terrors, even my bed and sleep are taken over by her. I don’t know how much more I am supposed to take. The teacher was supposed to hook her up with a social worker so she could work out with a professional whatever is going on here,but so far they’ve met one time in a group. Big help. Like church. My kid lies more than any kid I know. Blatant, guilt free lying, then she lies some more, then she will say, okay, here’s the truth…which later, isn’t the truth at all…

I am already going under from the seasonal shift. I thought my nurse doc might find it a red signal when I said, “I feel like the only way to escape the anxiety of my life is to be locked in a psych ward in a straight jacket and have these people around me who are making demands SEE I am broken down!”But, no, I’d answered no to the suicide or harming others question, I am apparently fine. And it sucks. And I still haven’t made the call to see about switching back to the Dr. B and I think more than fearing social etiquette and nurse doc reflecting it in my file for switching back like I did it because she didn’t give me the answers I wanted…I fear he is so booked I won’t be able to get in til next year. Oh, and I hate phones, making calls gives me anxiety.

My weekend was filled with other anxieties, too. The neighbor girl asked me to keep an eye on her trailer while she was out, so I did…and it turned into this big drama where some dude was pounding on the door for ten minutes right next to my kid’s bedroom so I went out and told him the neighbor’s not home…And get sucked into their drama of texting back and forth and then he texts someone who calls my phone and I have barely any talk time left…And then to say thank you, he told me he’d pop by someday and not forget me being kind. PLEASE DO FORGET. I don’t have anything left to give to anyone, let alone new people.

Sunday I was stalked by K, this trailer park lady who seems very nice, and hey, if she wants to bum a smoke, whatever. But my daughter essentially gave this woman my number to arrange ‘playdates’ because Spook thinks I need friends. Now the woman is becoming a pain I don’t need and of course, when I say I don’t feel like talking or visiting because I don’t feel well…I’m not lying. I’m hanging by a fucking thread here, I don’t have mental reserves for new friends. I don’t have reserves for existing family and friends unless they want to email or text me. I am having a total meltdown in social skills and I have zero desire to change it. It’s called depression and it’s like a flu of the mind that lasts six months. Not that anyone gets it and one more reason to just avoid people. Get sick of explaining it and them running off only to reappear when I am doing better. Fuck you, I’d rather have no friends than spineless people who can’t handle me at my worst.

Today I am at the shop and frankly…it’s mostly cos I needed to use the dryer. I am getting to the point of saying fuck it all. That is what happens when I am pushed so far over my limits. I meltdown, shut everyone out, and just try to survive til the cycle passes. Pushing myself isn’t making me a more successful person. It sure as hell ain’t making me calmer or happier. I need to stop the world for a bit.

One plus is I didn’t have to see or hear from R for 4 days…and in those four days, I didn’t read a single political email or article, I didn’t sign a politcal whatever they are called cos my brained blacked it out…I shut out Trump and republicans and dems and all that bullshit and frankly…even if it makes me a sheeple who deserves to be sent to a concentration camp for being poor and mentally deficient…it makes my life more valuable to me. So fuck political shit, not worth it.

I think I am done. For now.

Zombie Shamble Got Nothing on Depressive Shuffle

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I am the walking dead, minus violence and a desire to eat flesh and such. Five mornings straight this week I have gotten my kid to school only to come home and…go back to sleep… THEN feel shitty for napping because, dammit, I am A BADASS, this is beneath me. I’ve not done this week long nap shit even when the donor abandoned us nor when I had the crippling depression for seven months or even two weeks of flubola…

I can’t begin to explain it. Wellbutrin mixed with all the other meds? Cos that is the only difference in me staying  nap free for years and now suddenly napping 5 days straight. Is it the 99% cold and midwest gloom (which we are facing another week of). Is it the fact I am up and down all night for whatever reasons even when my kid sleeps through (2 out of 7 days) this week?

To add to feeling super shitty about it, I kinda flaked out on planned lunch with R yesterday til last minute cos…my body was in deep nap mode. Today I was to be at the shop at 10 so I could earn smoke money but…I didn’t get there til 12:15. He was unamused.  As was I because I did set an alarm and somehow, my phone got muted so no sound…

To my credit, even tho I was mega late to get there…I had every single thing on the list done in an under an hour.  Because while I like smoke breaks and a  bit of youtube ‘i like this’ sharing…my end game is always to get there, get shit done, get back to my safe bubble. I am not half assing anything, I am just…more focused on getting it done than say, R, is.

Tis been one of those weeks where his missus is out of town working so he invited himself over 3 nights straight. I wasn’t enthused (depression laughs at enthusiasm) but we did watch Flash/Legends/Arrow together. Then he introduced me to a movie called Silent Hill which was pretty cool. SO while every fiber of my being wants to bitch slap the world at large and retreat within myself…I am making the effort to socialize even if…hell, for all I know, that may be what makes me so exhausted thus causing the daily naps.

I got to looking at R’s past emails for the month for part orders,etc, and it hit me…JANUARY NEVER ENDS. Seriously, the print out I did for him for a service repair only came in on the 12th…and it feels like weeks and months later and we aren’t even out of January.

Which to most may seem like, huh, big deal. But from seasonal depression and finding the bright side, ya know, when seasons change…It feels like a lifetime away even if only a few weeks. I thought the no heat thing was the worst, and oh, it was grueling, but now we are roasty toasty…But it doesn’t change the fact it is still cold outside and 99% of the days have been gray and gloomy. While black and gray may be my favorite colors to wear…It does shit for mood. I NEED the season change…

This lethargy and shuffling about trying to be normal and smile and laugh is exhausting. If the disability people were to ever want to question my family and friends, I’d probably be screwed. Because no matter how open and honest I am, they only hear what makes them comfortable. HEY, SHE LAUGHED AT A JOKE. Hey, she put on eyeliner and came to dinner.

There are no words to describe how much it takes out of me to paste on that facade, all in the name of being “normal” and not making others uncomfortable. Soul sucking seems an apt description, as I am sure many of you can relate to. We fake it, but that’s all it is. FAKE. Our struggle and pain are very real but we live in a world too weak to deal with that. To the masses mental health issues are akin to “mentally disabled”, as if we are lacking in intelligence or basic skills to survive life. The truth is… a huge percentage of “mentally disabled” people with bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, et al…are hugely intelligent. Our brains simply don’t process and produce the same results as non chemically altered brains.\

It is frustrating to the nth. I see my shrink Monday and while I think the Wellbutrin is a good start..I am still going to have to contend with his “why won’t you do the counseling clinic” and also, his last comment about how being on disability is “the new norm”, like I am hindering my own progress cos this is somehow more comfortable. I told R earlier, when he was on a rant about how those of us on disability/food stamps/Medicare/Medicade are all government minions kissing the government ring to get “free stuff”.\

I told him flat out, “Losing your self esteem is not getting anything for free, it costs more than you could ever comprehend.”

Not to mention, with all his Trump crumpeting…he, too, is just a minion, whether he realizes it or faces it. His small business is struggling and paying more taxes than it should because he, too, is at their mercy.

I guess being called a government minion got under my skin. Because other than abide by the rules for disability such as seeing my doc, seeing their doc for review…I am not kissing up or selling out. I am living my truth and others see it…So if I don;t qualify for legally entitled disability and such..I should be given an Oscar for fooling dozens of people. All of whom only need read this blog to comprehend I am faking nothing.

Now…I had to wait an hour because my “Obama phone” aka Safelink had no service so I couldn’t even call to see if my kid could have a sleepover with my mom…but service is up so now i can. Thank Pegacorn neither of us were bleeding out cos no service is kinda…unreliable. Shall we fire Tracfone?

Just to prove I have kept an iota of humor about me…I saw a couple things around town this week that made me smile so I had to take pics.

One…I luuuurve (damn you, Sass, for introducing me to that term lurve!) the Serta counting sheep and this display window just beckoned for a camera…

0126171257-00Then this beautifully yet warped random gem driving by, cos my sis was a huge Cabbage Patch Doll fan and I find them creepy to this day…

dollHow can you not admire someone nailing a naked cabbage patch doll to a phone pole????

Also…how attached are you to your internet name? In my case…This is on my bedroom wall.

morgueLast but not least…my daughter’s rendition of a skull cup you can drink from AND plug into a wall as a lamp.


Depression is kicking my ass, making me narcoleptic and grumpy but…the humerus (ha ha ha) is still working.


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After an uneventful but highly productive weekend…

And the end of shark week…

Today I feel low, I am tearing up, and every tiny thing is making me take offense. No one cares. You suck. This is what my brain is telling me.

Today I get my fucked car towed away. And maybe this is the delayed response to knowing just how fucked I am. I don’t have a dollar to my name. How am I gonna buy a car? And why does all the bad shit happen to me and usually all at once.

Perhaps it’s hormones being wonky still.

The temp has dropped and it’s getting colder, less daylight. Maybe the seasonal affect is knocking on the door.

This tearing up and feeling fragile and paranoid thing SUCKS. WTF is wrong with me? And why am I surrounded by people who don’t get it and keep telling me, “It’s not so bad.” “Don’t get so bent.”

What is the appropriate response when your car blows up and you have no options? How is that not worthy of an emotional response like this?

Though I rarely cry so this is weird for me.

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.


The wolves of depression

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It’s not like it’s anything new, happens every year this time, but I have got to say…the seasonal affect is kicking my ass again. When I go to bed at 8 pm every night because I am just wiped out, down, and cold…It’s not a good thing. It’s like I am on auto pilot, function when I have to, come home, and fall into sleep. (Oh oh oh, Fall Into Sleep, awesome Mudvayne song, kudos to me for unintentionally working a metal song title into a mental health post!)
But, going to bed that early pretty much guarantees my body will wake up around 4 am, which I actually need in order to function like a daywalker. I don’t do mornings with any grace. I actually hate mornings. Mommyhood rewired me somewhat so that I can function in the am, but it brings me little more than disgust. At least if I wake up before she does,I get a little me time to organize my thoughts, then I have plenty of time to feed and dress her, then myself, and pack the gear.
It is sooo nice to wake up and turn on music to clear the cobwebs. I was so afraid to do it for so long, lest it wake hubby and upset his equilibrium. He always claimed it wouldn’t but he was a renowned liar. Some people need coffee to wake up. I need really obnoxious metal music. My current theme song is Bullet For My Valentine’s “Four Words to Choke Upon.”
All things considered, I am dealing fairly well.
I mean, as the counselor from hell has pointed out again and again and again, what choice do I have?
Well, I’m pretty sure psych wards would not need to exist if people didn’t crack their lids after having piles of shit heaped on them time after time.
Bah. Her sunshine spewing and “accept your lot in life” attitude piss me off. I need empathy and support. Instead she blows rainbows and puppies up my skirt, then takes a hard line and tells me I have no options. Helpful. NOT.
I am concerned that all of this early bedtime and sleep is a symptom of the SAD. Or a depression setting in due to all the upheaval and stress. The professionals don’t seem all that concerned, but why would they, they see me a few minutes once a month or week. I live with me. I know my patterns of behavior. I have had SAD for as long as I can remember, but used to, I would be up all night, and sleep all day. The nights were mine. I guess since I can’t sleep all day now my brain is just adapting but still…I don’t think geriatrics go to bed at 8pm. Without net, though, I am pretty lost at home, guess sleep is all there is to do. I mean, I am keeping up on the housework really well, so it’s not like the depressions of old where I just said screw it all and let things pile up.
Just seems odd that my kid’s going to bed between 6 and 7pm and instead of basking in the me time, I am curling up into bed, assuming the fetal position, night after night.
Anxiety,panic, and stress, oh my.
Yet I am still handling it better than I did when I was medicated and had the donor’s “help”. Funny how being oppressed sucks the life out of you. I’m sure he would say the same. We didn’t feed each other’s energy, we just canceled it out. Not absolving him or condemning me, just some after the fact insight. Another fact is, he fell for manic Niki and even though I warned him repeatedly of the reality of my disorder, he ended up not liking the reality so he jumped off the ship.
As dire as things seem, I’m not sorry he’s gone.
I am sorry that he has treated me and Spook so shittily. But it speaks volumes to his character, not mine. I am picking up the pieces and stepping up.
Even if every step I take feels like I am wearing concrete shoes and my exhausted mind and body just want to hit the floor (ha ha ha, Bullet For My Valentine song title worked in, two points for me.)
The fact that I am so jazzed about something as inane as working metal song titles into this post tells me that I am going to be okay. The old me is back.
I just have to keep the wolves of depression at bay for a few bumpy months.
Tis easier said than done.

To Do Battle Another Day

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I assumed the fetal position in my bedroom at 8pm last night and drifted off to the sound of the X-Files. (Really must thank Mom’s roomie for loaning me those tapes.) I woke at ten til 4am, a half hour before my phone alarm was due to go off. Part of me wanted to lay there and wait til the alarm gave me a shove into action. But the bladder is pretty insistent,so I got up and by then, I was wide awake.
Now it is 6:31 am. I am dressed, war painted up, my kid is fed, and I am ready to face the day. I live to do battle one more day.
People without mental illness have no idea how much this shit sucks, how it sucks the life and spirit out of you. They think they have it bad having to put up with us. Try LIVING with this, motherfuckers.
Every time I think I am getting on track…some jackass at the controls flips a switch and I veer off onto another track entirely. Then onto another…and another…
GRRR, could it be more frustrating?
The counselor says yes,it is hard, but I AM DOING IT. This is testimony to my strength and determination, she says.
Meet me during one of the post hypomanic downs like last night, when my soul felt like it was bleeding and everything seemed so pointless I just wanted to curl up and cease to exist.
I feel better today, but those lows, even when short lived, really kick your ass and fuck with your mind.
On the plus side, I have retrained my brain somewhat and learned how to deal with them better, rather than just wallowing in the abyss.
On the negative side, I am medicated to the gills and it is still happening.
I guess I still have that naive side that thinks the right medication will cure it totally, but in my gut, and my heart, I know bipolar is “manageable”, it is NOT curable. My entire life is going to be one big roller coaster ride.
Which means anyone who is with me is going to have to accept that and deal with it.
I have yet to find anyone who is strong enough.
I wonder if I ever will.
And sometimes, I just don’t care, because being alone is so much easier, so much less stressful.
Nothing stresses you out more than trying to pretend you don’t have an illness to make those around you more comfortable while you go under and no one lifts a finger to help you. Though they are not short on criticisms.
Oh,well, enough of the melancholy bullshit. It’s a new day, and another chance to see what monkey wrench life is going to throw into the cogs of my life.
At least I’m going to be out trying to do something to better life for me and Spook. That’s gotta count for something.

The flipside of hypomania

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I guess I started feeling it around four pm…just a little slip in the good stable mood, a little bit of depression creeping in, like a finger on the back of your neck. Then came the achiness, and the exhaustion, and the desire to just get as far away from people and chaos as possible. Except today was one of the more quiet days at my mom’s, so the anxiety was definitely within me.
I spent an hour and a half feeding, bathing, and playing with Spook. The whole time I can just feel my spirits sinking, feel myself turning inward, after being so extroverted for days. The hypomania, the hope, the faith in fate and good things to come…is all slipping away as I sit here typing.
I feel guilty for being relieved that my child has gone to bed.
I feel weak for being so bone weary exhausted.
I feel ashamed because I am almost dreading returning to the repair shop to remove more capacitors because of my own clumsy slow ineptitude.
The shrink lowered my xanax, and now my anxiety is skyrocketing.
I need that Focalin desperately but it would seem I am not going to be able to afford it.
I flew high for five whole days.
Now on day five, it all comes crashing down around me.
Such is the cycle with bipolar two. Up, down, sideways, all around.
Right now, I am so frustrated with the fact that I am still cycling , even medicated to the gills, that my stupid brain has started its whispers, telling me of the utter futility in hoping I will ever find a man who will tolerate my crazy moods and wacko issues. Guys,being the non emotional creatures they can be, want someone stable, not a perpetual roller coaster ride. The idea that being born with this curse of a disorder could mean spending the rest of my life alone really irks me. I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want it.
I am low.
It’s only 7:30 pm but I am  ready to assume the fetal position. I flew high for too many days straight, now I have crash landed in the pit of despair. This too shall pass. Until it does, though, maybe sleep will bring me some solace and recharge my drained battery.
Hypomania is great.
The aftermath sucks.