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Manic Monday Thoughts

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It’s a felony…
to lie to the FBI.
So…politics…current regime… HOW NOT IN PRISON?
Yes, I am…
sounding like If Google was a Guy in this post…Might even show you pictures of spaghetti.
Don’t get it? Watch the collegehumor videos on youtube, all 5 are hysterical.

I wish…
youtube studio beta would die in a fire. Hate that fucking shit. Works like shit on my Firefox and reduces me to using Chrome. ick.
I only use Chrome..
on my phone. Because the default browser kept locking up. Chrome does sometimes, too, but since my phone has no space, I can’t get my beloved FF as an app.
It took more money…
to make the movie ‘Titanic’ than it cost to build the original ship.
only in America is such insanity deemed normal and ‘cost of doing business’.
I’m watching…
Under Siege for the hundredth time.
What can I say, Tommy Lee Jones is awesome.
Seagal is tolerable in this movie but he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. IMHO, anyway.
For me…
the sign of a good movie is one I can fall asleep to. Under Siege, Bone Collector, Red Dragon, Outbreak, Contagion, those are my standards.
Though I prefer falling asleep to TV shows like Forensic Files, Dateline, 48 Hours, and Deadly Women.
Yeah, what 30 years since Under Siege came out…
I still want that studded leather jacket worn by Tommy Lee Jones’ character. Kick ass.
One of the worst…
things about manic depression is that you spend 85% of your time either in a crippling depression or functional one. The rare occasions hypomania sets in, you just wanna cling to the clarity of it since you don’t know if it will happen again for another six months.
Yep, hypomania…
I went to sleep around 11, back up at 1 a.m. Now it is after 3 and I am still awake. I can’t slow my mind, I am out of melatonin, and frankly, night time (even if I am freezing my ass off right now) is the only true calm time I have since we moved to Armpit. Least between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. I know I am safe from unwanted family calls and visits and no chance of landlords or neighhbors lurking unannounced to set off my panic attacks.
Yeah, we need to get out of here. No, we do not have the money. We’re trapped.
Is it narcissistic
to tattoo your own name on your body? I think it is. But my mom fucked me up by teaching me that all forms of self esteem are conceit so I am never quite sure if my perception is distorted.
One thing I DO
consider narcissistic=naming your kid after yourself. Middle name is bad enough, first name, ick,first, middle, last and some sort of suffix like Jr. or The Second- pure egomania.
I stand by that one, no doubts.
Oh, it’s just traditional for some people, you say?
I blow up tradition’s floats and rain on its parades. Tradition easily becomes a synonym for egomania and stagnation. Not to mention, if a kid is named after someone else, how do they ever forge their own identity properly? I should think living in the shadows of a namesake would suck.
The donor…
lists his address as Apartment 2.
He lives in a trailer park.
He’s as ashamed now as he was when we were together and he told me not to call our address a trailer, but a lot number.
The little things that amuse me at 3:41 a.m.
It only occurred to me because I really miss living in a trailer. Houses just have too many working parts like sump pumps and drain lines and pipes that freeze up. Yeah, I know, had the same at the trailer but it never made me feel this paranoid and well, jittery. It’s too much for me to manage.
Plus the family factor. I REALLY miss our trailer. No shame for me.
I am not stalking him, I just noticed it on the court papers as his listed address. But my sister and mom lived at that address, it’s a trailer park. I don’t know why he is ashamed of that. I shoild think not holding a job, letting a woman support you, and not seeing your kid would be shame inducers.
He ain’t wired right.
I dunno why…
but it irks me when the “J” sound is pronounced as an H. Jesus. Jaime. Jorge. I don’t get it.
That’s not…
some politically incorrect statement, either, it’s just one of my quirks. Like how I get one toe of my sock wet and it drives me bonkers so I have to get another pair of dry socks. I’ve been throuh 5 pairs today over just a drop of water on the sock.
Bitch be crazy. Bitch also needs to not step outside without shoes after it has been raining.
My kid
told me next time i was awake at 3 a.m. I should look in a mirror and repeat Bloody Mary 3 times. So I did. I am still waiting to be murdered. BORING.
How awesome is it…
when people actually LISTEN and HEAR what you say?
It may seem odd but my sister got me a couple of Mother’s Day gifts, both items I had previously asked for.
Gel insoles for my shoes and a sleep mask with a wide strap so it stays on during sleep. She got me both and it was under five bucks but it could have been a hundred…it makes me happy to be heard, not just on big stuff, but the little stuff, because so much of life iS the small stuff.
A headline just flashed…
boy dies after drowning in septic tank.
I said, what a shitty way to die.
I am going to a second level of hell. I’m already living on the first.
Bad joke
Slob: I think my mom’s getting serious about straightening up my room once and for all.

Bob: How do you know?

Slob: She’s learning to drive a bulldozer.
Some guy…
told his gf’s mother by text that she should go shower and wash off the evil.
Man, that would be a huge compliment to me, having my evil noticed.
I hate…
yo mamma jokes.
But this one was cute.
Yo mamma so stupid she had airbags installed on her computer in case it crashed.
I was disgusted…
when I saw a repost of a Trump Tweet in which he compared a picture of a woman with severe clinical depression looking tapped out versus his beloved Melania and said the pictures says it all.
Making fun of a depressed person is asshole behavior for anyone.
And I’d be curious to know how many women would be into him if he were a penniless truck driver or ditch digger. They ain’t with him cos he’s a sight for sore eyes.
interview George Stephanopolos did with Howard Stern.
I oddly did not cirnge, Howard seems to have changed. And much as he was a big buddy to Trump, even he says he didn’t vote for him and did not sign up for what is going on now. Guess Trump became a GOP puppet whereas before he could have run Sodom and Ghomorra. I probably would have half ass liked him prior to that.
Except he was still a vapid narcissistic douchebag having sex thoughts about his own daughter even before the presidency. just..eww. I am all for few filters but there are some that need to be kept in place if only to spare yourself looking like,well, a cheeto hued dumpster fire.
I know, I know,
not supposed to be political.
I have no filters when hypomanic.