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Why, Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

Posted in depression, guardian angels with tags , , , , , , , on December 11, 2018 by morgueticiaatoms

I spent the first part of my morning with a full ‘end of 2018 year rant wrap up’…only to discover that during this time, our campaign received a large donation and a kind note from a woman who felt that she’d been blessed with the ability to share and help me and my daughter have a happy Christmas. I’ve never met this woman. She is the mom of a friend I met here on wordpress (never met him in person, either) but they have been so generous and kind over the years…Words cannot say what I am feeling in my heart right now.

In spite of all our struggles, it seems Spook and I are truly blessed. Blessed to have caring ‘guardian angels’ and real Santas in our lives. Every contribution made, be it a share or a kind comment or even a like on a post- you guys are why I’ve kept blogging on wordpress. The wordpress mental health community ROCKS. And as I said before, Spook and I are a package deal so it isn’t just her blessed or me blessed. We have both been blessed and are so thankful and we will do whatever we can in whatever small ways (even if only to cook a small meal and share with a local man who likely won’t have food for Christmas.)

I feel so bad that my rants come off as misanthropic and ungrateful and hateful. I can make excuses or I can just say…I’m sorry. Fact is, nothing gets me moodier or more anxious than not being able to do the bare minimum for my child and cats and our maintaining a roof overhead. It has been weighing heavily on me for months and every time a week passes and the child support still isn’t being paid, I get even more stressed.

Thanks to so many people’s generosity and acts of kindness…I am actually able to breathe now for the first time in months. Not because we’re rolling in dough, but because we can survive another month and she will get to have Christmas morning and the cats will have food and I can even get her school pictures. A prior donation we received got me my new medication copays.

I was able to start my Wellbutrin today, and as usual, it really jacked up my anxiety but if it gets me out of the depressive rabbit hole, I will consider myself on the mend. I am just so grateful to the person who cared enough to donate so I could get my medication. You have no idea how much it means.

I couldn’t let it rest at the year of suckiness round up post.

Maybe Santa Claus is real.

Guardian angels sure are.

Bless everyone and theirs and know that we love you and appreciate you.