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Like Good Causes? Read This Post

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Allow me a bit of narcissism here. My daughter and I ARE a good cause.

So as it turns out, after paying for only 2 months, the donor has left his job and is MIA. The loss of child support has turned a precarious financial situation into a dire predicament for my daughter and I. Just when I thought light of day might be seen…he drop kicks us again. Last time he left a job, it took six months for me to find him and turn him into the state because the employer failed to report him as a new employee.(It’s the law and they broke it but nope, no consequences.) So even if he found a different job as opposed to getting fired like last time, he legally has 30 days without a payment before I can pursue him. And what I learned last time is that even with a legal support order, the state does not actively seek these absentee parents out. They sit and wait for an employer to turn in a social security number then the gears start to slowly grind. If I don’t know where he works and the employer doesn’t turn him in..who knows when my kid will get what is due her.

Even before I had a kid, I had a big problem with parents-men or women- who walked out on their kids and refused to even chip in financially without a court forcing them to do so.

Now that I am on this side of the fence, it infuriates me even more. He’s been 77 months (6.5 years) and of that…he has paid about 15 months of support, and that was only after I waited 4 years, giving him the opportunity to step up and do the right thing. He has two other kids he doesn’t support. Yet he thinks he is a good man and moms are unreasonable asking for support as long as he isn’t seeing the kid. I’d make a snarky comment about the mothers of his children having bad taste in men, but that would negate the joy our kids bring us so I won’t got there. I wish my kid had a great dad, but she doesn’t.

She’s got a devoted mom who has been raising her alone 7 years on a disability income, through good, bad, worse, and worse than worse. I ask for very little assistance, don’t even go to Toys for Tots at Christmas, I just budget more tightly, eat a little less myself, whatever it takes to not take charity if I don’t absolutely have to.

If I am having another fundraiser…it’s because it is necessity.

This isn’t your ordinary fundraiser, though.

Yes, we need cash. But we also know how many scammers are out there telling sob stories so they can afford plasma tvs and partying. Spook and I are just as happy with a $20 gift card to Dollar Tree for stuff like toilet paper and dish soap and shampoo. We’re fine with anyone contacting us by email who’d be willing to make out a money order to a utility or the landlord, account numbers and photo evidence provided. There is no scam here, just a strong, urgent need to survive. And I set the goal low- enough to pay off the security deposit so the landlord can’t evict us and a little more to tide over what my income won’t.

I don’t like doing this. I know readers don’t want to hear about it.

But I gotta try even if like the last fundraiser, it’s an epic failure.

I can’t say we’re the best cause. Hell, if I had money, I’d be donating to save endangered tigers and create no kill animal shelters because those are causes that resonate. I don’t expect our cause will resonate with many. But even if half a dozen people say, hey, this family could use a break…That’s more than we can hope for.

Click here or on the picture.

So help, share, wish us luck…Or unsubscribe, whatever. I’ll make no apologies for trying to keep my family afloat. She is worth more than my pride will ever be.

Mama Roach’s Last Resort

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So…In a hypo-manic state after burying my dead cats, washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, washing laundry, folding and putting away laundry (kid is at church, very productive time)…I revamped my fundraiser page.

You can click that pic and it will take you there. I cut back on the long winded ‘my story’ part. I tossed in some heavy metal flavored humor. I posted the pic from last night and then thought, oh, god, people will see that and say, ‘no wonder she has bugs.” Fact is, the ceilings were that discolored when we moved in 8 years ago and if the landlord considers fixing your heat a hindrance, your ceiling color isn’t getting fixed.

Still, you can see the bugs are just moving into new corners as soon as the efficacy of the spray wears off. I knew something was up when we moved in and I noticed all the corners had big pieces of scotch tape on them. I of course took it down…But the previous tenants had done that in an effort to seal off the bugs’ entrance. Which means the bug problem is this particular lot/court, not each individual.

Anyway…Click it, don’t click it, you may get a laugh even if you can’t donate or you can pass it on. Now my hypomania is fading fast because soon my kid will be home, and soon, the next battle will begin. This morning it was 20 minutes of her lamenting that I wouldn’t put mascara on her because she suddenly decided her lashes make her look ugly. I don’t know what’s coming next, with her, or with me. That I haven’t gone homicidal kinda makes me think I deserve a kick ass superhero name. Snarkasma is cool and all, but perhaps…When I am being really bad ass in spite of everything being shit…


No? Meh.

Why I am trying to Raise Money

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For those unfamiliar with my plight, I am going to repost my original post frommy Go Fund Me page.


I am a single mom trying to get by on limited income. I rent and my landlord won’t pay to exterminae the place. I have used EVERY product known to man, at my own cost, and still the roaches and assorted other ickies return. Two years ago, I had finally gotten it under control then my neighbors moved out because they couldn’t handle the bugs they had. I begged the landlord to at least spray a line between our homes to keep their bugs from moving in with me and my child. He did not do it and here I am again.
With school starting, summer power bills, treating the cats for fleas, food costs…I just don’t have the money for extermination as local companies require you sign a 12 month contract and that adds up to more each month than I can afford without my kid going hungry. I am asking for help because I am embarrassed for anyone to visit lest a roach come creeping out. Not all people who get roaches are unkempt slobs. These bugs were here from the moment we moved in and nothing I do helps because the landlord has high turnover and any time someone moves out, their bugs come to my home.

I could probably suffer til I manage to save up, but I am terrified my lack of money could result in someone saying I am an unfit parent and my kid lives in an unfit home. My daughter is my life and she deserves to be able to get a cup out of the cabinet with a bug jumping on her. Even if you can spare five dollars, it adds up. Please help if you can’t or at least spread the word on social media. This is humiliating and I am using what over the counter products I can but none of them eliminate the nest and….

We simply need help.

So that is our story. We don’t want the money for superfluous reasons. We need it to improve our home’s liveability. I have tried to do my best as a single, disabled mother with limited resources, I never asking for assistance that wasn’t absolutely necessary for my child or keeping a roof overhead. It pains me to ask for help even now but the problem is just getting worse so even if you can only spare five bucks.. Your help is appreciated.

Here’s the link again.

Even a repost or social media share can make a difference if you’re in the same boat as me financially. Thanks for reading this.

UGH! To My Chagrin, it’s fund raising time again

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This is my campaign.

I have done the math ten ways from last Sunday and next Sunday and…I cannot pull off the one thing my home needs the most: an exterminator.

The landlord won’t spray and every time someone moves out, the bugs move in with me. I had it under control 2 years ago after spending hundreds on over the counter stuff (Advion gel and Combat gel bait are THE BEST) then my skanky neighbors moved and I pleaded with the landlord to at least have his guys spray a line between our homes to block the bugs from coming here and he didn’t do it.

My kid had a friend sleepover for her birthday and I was MORTIFIED when the kid went to get a cup from the cabinet and a cockroach fell on her.

This goes beyond me being a less than stellar housekeeper as the roaches were here when we moved in 8 years ago and even then the landlord said nope, he only sprays once before people move in, after that, it’s on us renters.

Just by doing this campaign I am embarrassing myself and probably putting it out there that I am a bad mom thus some well meaning but still an asshole could claim I am unfit and they could take my kid away from me.

But this time…This is necessity. Even if you’re in the same boat as me and can’t donate, spread the campaign link on social media and share, share, share. I’m doing all I can with the stuff on hand but it’s not killing the nest and even the bug foggers have failed. I need a professional and they’re not doing it just because my kid is cute and I can be flattering. And if you don’t trust internet people doing the right thing with the money, feel free to just mail me the bug killing products. That is all I want. Not an iphone or ipad or better car or nice clothes. I just want my kid to be able to fetch a cup or plate without a bug crawling out of the cabinet.

So…if you can, I hope you will. If you can spread the word, yes, please. And if you can’t do either, it’s ok, cos I get it.

I haven’t done a campaign in a long time because I try to make do with what I’ve got but this bug problem…

Spook and I need help.

A Tale Of A Few Kitties And A Car

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sweetyswingI have revamped my fundraising campaign and I am just keeping it up until forced to take it down. This time…It’s for the cats. If that makes a difference, I will pay automotive stuff…Which means I am gonna need help with cat care.

Once winter is over,child support is sorted and regular, I don’t anticipate having this much trouble. Of course, I also didn’t expect this car to have more problems than a bunch of pregnant nuns. Probably looking at a grand easy in parts and labor, not to mention servitude to R.

So…Pass this one on. PLEASE, for the love of pegacorn.  Click that share button. Reblog. Write a big post about what a bitch I am whining for money. Because no press is bad press and it’s for the kitties.

Maybe I should just give it up but…Nah. If people can raise five grand so some girl can have her dream bedroom of pink Barbie vomit….

My cats should be able to get donations for their medical care now that Mommy has to make margaritas out of the lemon of a car she got.



Gufundme: For My 17 year Old Nephew

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First off…I am not trying to get this circulating again for my family. I am, however, deeply concerned about my 17 year old nephew. The temporary apartment my family acquired has one bedroom which my sister and her husband took, leaving my elderly mom and her elderly disabled roommate sleeping in the living room.

The true loser in all this is my nephew, C. It was his overloaded power strip that caused the fire. It was his room that caught all the fire damage, destroying most of everything he owned. He lost more than any of them.

Instead of being with his family, due to lack of space, he has been staying with his girlfriend. You can tell how depressed he is, how responsible he feels, and how absolutely hurtful it is that the adults took care of themselves first and left him to fend for himself, mostly. Of course, he could stay there even if he had to sleep on the floor. He can go there to eat. But as for living and having any stability…He is in limbo, because he has the misfortune of belonging to this sucky family where the adults pretty much threw him under the bus.

At first I figured he fled to the g.f.s to escape the family. But come to find out, he was basically flung there even when the family had motel rooms and space. It’s pretty sickening to me how parents could let their kid essentially be homeless even if he has a place to sleep while focusing on their own needs. He may be 17 but he’s still just a kid. I hate my family for doing this to him. It’s almost like they are punishing him for the fire, even if it’s unconsciously.

So I am gonna keep the original page up but from now on…donations will be used for Cory I’ve even pondered letting him stay in my spare bedroom, but I know it would start war with the family and he’d never accept. Fact is, this kid needs to be with his family again because he and his gf habitually break up every over month. Where will he be if they have another split? On the floor of an apartment with a portable toilet in the room for his disabled grandmother to use.

I felt bad for my family but I feel worse for my nephew.

So even if all you can do is keep this circulating around the net for me, guys…Please do. This is for a 17 year old boy who has nothing left, he can’t even be with his beloved dog. Let’s see if we can raise some funds to help him replace what was lost.

He didn’t choose to be part of this sucky family any more than I did.

Gofundme Fire Damage Update

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There was a big write up in the local paper about the fire at my mom’s. An excerpt (link to full article on gofundme update page.)

brandi fireBrandi Harris fights back tears as she talks with friends on the front porch of her home on North Fayette Street in Jacksonville. Dirt, ashes and fresh scratches cover her hands, reminders of her effort to save pets from her house after a fire early Tuesday. More than half a dozen pets died from smoke inhalation and several more are missing.


They were also interviewed by a local tv station today, though I’ve not seen any footage posted yet.

The article teaser was about the police officer who had to seek hospital treatment for smoke inhalation. I was impressed with the way they kept it focused on my sister and brother in law’s efforts to save their pets, though, rather than playing up the overloaded power strip causing the fire. Even my fundme page was mentioned in the article, though there’s been little activity on it. Speaks to the charitable nature of this place.

The death of the kitty at the vet’s office brought the total up to nine cats and two ferrets,plus all her pet frogs. Rocky is still fighting and sis says she is going to keep him since he’s fought this hard and they’ve invested so much money in his vet care. Long as he’s loved, excellent.

My nephew has been beating himself up because it was his room, his power strip, that started the whole thing. Less than worry about property damage considering he lost all his stuff, he feels responsible for the death of all the cats.

I went to the fire department today and got two brand new smoke detectors. I don’t trust the ones that came with this place, not after seven years. So everyone- check your smoke detectors, the batteries, even if your landlord is responsible. And hope they work better than the ones the landlord installed at mom’s. No way it should take flames leaping out before smoke is detected.

Thanks to everyone passing this on, to those who have donated, to all those wishing my family well. It is greatly appreciated.

P.S.- The cats listed as “missing” in the article have all been found and are being housed by a relative, in great shape.

May the lost pets rest in peace and know they will not be forgotten.