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Let’s Barf Some Rainbows

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Not yet 10 a.m. and I have already hung a load of laundry out to dry, washed my bedding, bathed, put on clean clothes and bothered with a hair clip and earrings. I didn’t even have a bad sleep night. I did wake up a lot but all in all…I stayed up til 11 p.m. which makes me wonder if maybe early bedtime just isn’t what works best for me. It also occurred to me that one of the worst things for me has always been…waking up. It was always so much easier to just stay awake and survive on a couple hours of sleep. Slowing down is the enemy, at least til I run on empty a few days and crash hard from exhaustion.

Spook and I watched 0-1-1 together last night. Watching TV with her is misery. She never shuts up and she starts shrieking during the tense scene then runs to the other room and it’s like…chill, dude. Then I watched Prodigcal son (one of the best new shows of the season, second only to Emergence) and lousy mom I am, I let her watch it with me. Yeah, yeah, serial killer show for a ten year old near bedtime, bad mom, but…that was my childhood and I survived. I know it’s all fake and I have impressed that upon her. I think the true monsters are just average people with evil in their blood.

Speaking of evil in the blood…I started watching season 3 of The Good Fight and omg, there was this scene that made me laugh and cheer. It’s where Christina Baranski’s character is laying in bed with her ballistics expert husband who went on a hunting trip with Eric and Donald Trump jr so he had a hella bruise on his shoulder and he signed an NDA so he couldn’t tell her which one shot him. And she is laying their awake, staring at that buckshot bruise, and it turns into Trump’s face and voice and she is just livid and filled with self righteous dread and it was just…hysterical.For a drama.

And to brighten everyone’s day…how about I barf some rainbows in the form of cat pictures of our 4 week old kittens.

This is Eclipse

This is Ember.

This is Sage.

And Pasha.

Now I am gearing up for a trip to town. Little nervous that my money hasn’t come in but technically, it isn’t due til the third, I just have direct deposit debit so it’s usually there 2 days early. Maybe after 1 p.m. Still, we are down to three sheets of toilet paper so a trip to town is necessary. That and my script refills, geesh, if they send me one more reminder text I am gonna have to throttle them, I get it already.

My kid starts the local church God’s Kids afterschool program today. She went last year but my brother was involved so he took her and brought her home. This year, since he works 15 hours a week, he is too exhausted to be involved so I arranged for the bus driver to drop her off by the church and she begged me to let her walk home before it gets too cold and dark too early so…I am cutting the apron string but I don’t like it. It plays hell on my anxiety. The teen years are gonna be my undoing. For now…I’ve got to start letting her grow up a bit. Unless she screws me over and lollygags around town cos her friends do then we are going to have war. Anything that prolongs my anxiety means war.

I shall leave you with this adorable image I found on Google cos Spook asked me to email her something.

Do not try this at home kids, but if my mood seems to be improving…it is because I quit Zoloft and switched to my Prozac stash. It’s too early to tell for sure but the fact I am no longer wishing for death every morning and night…I’d say it’s an improvement. Again, always talk to your doctor before doing anything of this sort but then again, if your doc won’t listen, like my NP…Yeah, don’t do as I do, I am a terrible example. But…I am feeling a little better so I will take it and if I am wrong…I will do a mea culpa later. Happy Tuesday 🙂

Pink Ribbon Cat Breast Cancer Fundraiser

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This is my sister’s cat, Schmitten. She is over ten years old and survived a house fire. Only to be riddled with feline breast cancer. My sister shelled out close to $300 to get the kitty surgery and save her life. This is what Smitty looks like now, after an autopsy-esque surgical scar stem to stern to remove all mammary glands.

Sis is trying to raise $300 to afford the next out of town vet trip in a week to get Schmitten’s staples and stitches removed.

While Spook and I have been trying to raise funds for months for help with our unexpected move (with limited success)…I can’t in good conscience say we are the better cause. My daughter and I both adore animals and have had our share of sick pets who others have donated to on occasion. So maybe we need some stuff, but being evicted for not paying the deposit isn’t as dire as this cat not being able to go to the vet for suture removal.

If you knew me at all, you’d know my priority,always, is my child.

But my kid isn’t starving, nor are our cats, but Schmitty, the poor cancer ridden kitty, is suffering while on the mend. So in this situation, we are willing to put ourselves second. My brother and I pooled coins to donate a grand total of $5 to start out the fundraiser for Smitty…sis’s husband and son told her she was wasting her time doing the post because no one cares about their cat.

PLEASE PROVE THEM WRONG, they’re kind of dicks.

Yes. Spook and I are willing to put ourselves after Schmitten. Her surgery removed so much of her glands that her skin is stretched tight and taut. That poor old cat has survived so much. She deserves help even more than we do. And hey, even if you can only visit the link and just click share on your social media accounts… Smitty will be very grateful.

Pet therapy is the real deal, and my sister takes very good care of her pets. But no one saw breast cancer coming, so help or share if you can. Schmitten is worth it. Thanks.