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Pink Ribbon Cat Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Posted in pet therapy with tags , , , , , on June 6, 2018 by morgueticiaatoms

This is my sister’s cat, Schmitten. She is over ten years old and survived a house fire. Only to be riddled with feline breast cancer. My sister shelled out close to $300 to get the kitty surgery and save her life. This is what Smitty looks like now, after an autopsy-esque surgical scar stem to stern to remove all mammary glands.

Sis is trying to raise $300 to afford the next out of town vet trip in a week to get Schmitten’s staples and stitches removed.

While Spook and I have been trying to raise funds for months for help with our unexpected move (with limited success)…I can’t in good conscience say we are the better cause. My daughter and I both adore animals and have had our share of sick pets who others have donated to on occasion. So maybe we need some stuff, but being evicted for not paying the deposit isn’t as dire as this cat not being able to go to the vet for suture removal.

If you knew me at all, you’d know my priority,always, is my child.

But my kid isn’t starving, nor are our cats, but Schmitty, the poor cancer ridden kitty, is suffering while on the mend. So in this situation, we are willing to put ourselves second. My brother and I pooled coins to donate a grand total of $5 to start out the fundraiser for Smitty…sis’s husband and son told her she was wasting her time doing the post because no one cares about their cat.

PLEASE PROVE THEM WRONG, they’re kind of dicks.

Yes. Spook and I are willing to put ourselves after Schmitten. Her surgery removed so much of her glands that her skin is stretched tight and taut. That poor old cat has survived so much. She deserves help even more than we do. And hey, even if you can only visit the link and just click share on your social media accounts… Smitty will be very grateful.

Pet therapy is the real deal, and my sister takes very good care of her pets. But no one saw breast cancer coming, so help or share if you can. Schmitten is worth it. Thanks.