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Please Show A Single Mom Some Love

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Going into month ten without the donor paying a cent in support, so he’s now $5000 behind. I’ve been trying to seek work for months to no avail because the only positions open here are ones I am automatically disqualified for due to a bad choice in my past. But I am still trying, still filling out applications and making calls and TRYING. But the notion that this will be the first year since pre-K that I couldn’t get Spook’s school pics is really making me upset. I managed it even when the donor hadn’t been ordered to pay support yet but that was because where we lived in town was so much cheaper than where we were forced to move when they sold it out from under us.

I am tired of asking for help, I know everyone is tired of hearing me ask. But this is my last chance to get her 4th grade pics so I am willing to swallow some pride and risk some annoyance and rejection. Like I said, my family has invested all their money in my nephew’s wedding May 18th, the pawn shop won’t give a hundred bucks for everything we own…So yeah. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN OR JUST PASS THIS POST ON IN CASE SOMEONE OUT THERE COULD HELP AND UNDERSTANDS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO HAVE MEMORY PHOTOS OF YOUR KID AS THEY ARE GROWING UP.

We’d be so very grateful.

spook and me tree

Brief Message From My Social Butterfly

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vacay fundraising page

family paypal account link


I have been booted off the fundraiser/social media circuit by my 9 year old. She says people don’t like me enough so she’ll never get to Six Flags if I am doing the campaign. All TWO of my feelings are hurt. She isn’t wrong, motivating people to give a damn isn’t my wheelhouse.

So aside from legalities that I have to handle…she is in charge. You can direct any questions or comments to her via her youtube page. 

OR via the comments on the gofundme page.

I’m OUT. I will stick to my bailiwick of griping about mental health issues and assorted other random shit no one cares about. Inane venting, that is my thing. Spook can have the social media butterfly gig.