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I can’t get my thoughts to resemble anything coherent. My only accomplishment in 3 days was to bathe after way too many days of not doing so…I’m cracking under the inconsistency of my mind state, under all the money troubles, and having a combative child who screams at me more than she loves me…And I can’t entirely say I don’t understand her, she’s either prepubescent and hormonal or she’s got some of the family’s fucked up brain chemicals. I’m two for two right now with the pmdd and mental crap.

So instead of blathering on I’d just like to throw this out there: we could really use some help for buying cat food, litter, toilet paper, and melatonin. Help doesn’t have to be cash, I am fine with anyone ordering it and having it sent to us or the store for pick up. Egift cards work, too.

I know it’s shitty of me to ask for help but it’s shitty that another human being bailed on his responsibility and put me in the position of having to ask for help.

But really, we’re in no place to be prideful or pretend we’re not hurting financially. Most stuff can be lived without but gas in the car, toilet paper, cat food,litter, melatonin, etc…Those are daily staples and we’re not picky on brand names. I look for what’s cheaper than cost cutter, I am so budget aware.

So…if I can’t get my brain and chemicals and my kid to behave and I can’t sleep still and I find no comfort it anything and always feeel naked and exposed…Maybe some kind soul could just help us get a few things.

You’d be surprised just how luxurious it is to get things like two ply toilet paper.

My Brain Hurts, Book My Lobotomy, Please

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It’s been a long day of finding out I am represented by an utter buffoon who knew two weeks ago the donor was not working yet failed to tell me. He was pretty proud that he’s tried to call and email the donor, to no avail, as if that helps with our loss of income. I called the state, public aide, I posted on my other blogs (batshit rantings here…Tried to keep my cool but I couldn’t even enjoy the premieres of my fave shows. I am worried sick about keeping my kid fed and the heat on and my hives have hives but I have no antihistamines…

I made a fundraising page and have yet to even get a share, let alone a donation, which I find frustrating. Especially after watching the utterly disgusting Kavanaugh portion of today’s hearing in which he exhibited all the wit, charm, and self possession of an Alsatian hound after a head swap operation. (Red Dwarf anyone?) People donate tens of thousands to these nasty politicians of every side even when they behave like spoiled little bitch boys (Dr Ford held herself with dignity,imho) but I can’t garner interest for something out of my control that impacts not simply me, but my child.

I have a whole rant about stuff I learned today but I am just wiped out. And ready for 2018 to stop kicking my ass. Mostly right now I’d give a kidney for about 100 mg Claritin, my hives are getting hives and the itching is driving me fucking mad.

Click Spook’s pic and at least share our story on social media if you can’t donate. We were starting to see the light of day, this was brought on us by someone whose actions we can’t control. Asking for help is our only option and a share counts for a lot.

An Open Message To Non-Custodial Parents Who Miss Support Payments

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Dear non-custodial mom or dad-

Your responsiibilities to your bf/gf/spouse may end when the relationship does, but YOU ARE NOT ABSOLVED OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CHILD(REN).

When the state or court orders you to pay support, it is your responsibility to make those payments. If you lose your job or change jobs, the decent thing to do is to tell the custodial parent that support is not forthcoming due to such circumstances. Even if you can only offer up a ten dollar bill until your circumstances improve, the effort shows you give a damn and helps you be viewed as a decent human being.

We depend on that money to feed OUR kids. Yes, the relationship we had is over, but WE still have a child together. OUR child needs heat and clothing and school supplies. When you fail to make a support payment, you are not hurting your ex. Your are hurting your child. The 20% or whatever the law requires you to pay is nothing compared to what the custodial parent pays but we still depend on that support to take care of OUR child. While you may not lose sleep over it, I can assure you those of us who have little ones counting on us, do lose sleep because we care about our children more than we care about ourselves.

That support isn’t for fancy clothes or dance classes or expensive game systems. It means the difference between the child(ren) getting adequate nutrition and warm clothes and having heat and a roof overhead. Blowing off this responsibility yet still thinking you’re a good person is delusional.

Choosing not to see your kid(s) does not absolve you of financial responsibility. That,too, is delusional. You make that choice, not me. Sticking me with the legal fees, yet not paying support, is just abhorrent.

You may not think a few missed support payments are a big deal, but I assure you…CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS ARE A VERY BIG DEAL.

For a disabled single parent with limited income, your apathy and irresponsibility are a big deal. Your lack of basic politeness to even text, email, or call and say, “I am changing jobs/lost a job, I can’t pay the support this month” makes you a basic jerk.

This isn’t about me. This isn’t about you. WE made a child together. I have taken on all the responsibility and for the third time snce you left, you have shunned even minute responsibility by flaking on the support payment or even giving me a heads up.

So non custodial parents, moms or dads, stop thinking only of yourself, stop thinking that not paying support is some dig at the custodial parent who messed up your life with a bad relationship. Grow up and think about the child we made together.

The kid(s) matter above all else. Failing them means you are a failure as a parent and as a person. Knock it off. It’s not about who did wrong or name calling or causing the other hardship. This is about the well being of a child we both brought into the world and basic human decency.

The Mother Of Your Child

Due to these circumstances, I have started a new fundraiser because while I can do without whatever it takes so my kid has what she needs, I am not too proud to ask for some help.