The Cat’s Meow…is annoying

I have been awake every 2 hours tonight. The cat stomping my face and licking my eyelids finally forced me out of bed at 2 a.m. Even thought I filled their dishes at 10 p.m., they wanted refills with fresh food and water. Grrrr. Needy little furballs. They irked me so much I closed my bedroom door, which I almost never do.

So here it is 3:58 a.m. and I need to be up in two and a half hours to get dressed, get the spawn ready, make her 7:45 therapy appointment, then get her to day camp, then come home and instead of being well rested and getting things done…chances are I will be tapped out and need a nap. Will I be able to nap, that is the question. Because a nap can recharge even if it’s a 30 minute power nap. Supposed to be a cool rainy gray day so maybe that will help slow my racing thoughts. Mychild is like a battery bunny, she asks 100 questions a day, and mom mom mom mom…Argh, it is draining, so I need every bit of energy I can get.

Between her and the cats, I’ve got very little left for myself. And I know it doesn’t have to be this way. I had the right med combo a couple of times and no matter how much she took of my spoon allotment for the day, I could power through and even be awake at night, pursuing my interests of writing or reading or even interacting on line with people. Now I just want to go to sleep. And that damn akathisia from the Abilify is one of the reasons.

I will drop down to ten mg for a week and see if that helps. If not, I will call the office. Well, either way, I’ll need to call since I don’t have many 10 mg left. But at least give it a week to mythbust.

Oh, what a wondermous way to wake up, with draining sinuses, cats clawing your eyelids, and stressing over whether I will have the wherewithal to get through the day with my sleep cycle so disrupted. The only thing that can make this even suckier is if my kid has one of her grouchy morning meltdowns.

It’s a burden, leading the glamorous life.


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