Social (Media) Disease

I bathed today, yayness. I mowed half the lawn but then my muscles just ached so much, I said fuck it. I’ll get to it Sunday since tomorrow is supposed to be another monsoon day, weather wise. I didn’t really accomplish much else except for writing some good posts (that got little notice), transferring music to my kid’s mp3 player, and of course, I did my random posts. For awhile they were getting some notice. Now it’s like I died or something because one or two people even acknowledge the random blog or its posts.

I will NEVER understand social media. I tried to get my kid her own Facebook account so she could float her vacation fundraiser to her local friends. But she’s not 13 and I’d have to create my own account and give her one under it. I am NOT going back to the email raping privacy invading worse than a venereal disease social network. That whole gotta use your real name thing is a dealbreaker for any site, anyway. I learned my lesson last time I went checking and clicking willy nilly, not realizing I’d given Fuckfacebook permission to rape my email address book and send unwanted invites to everyone in it. Lost a couple of friends over that shit and I don’t blame them.

So until we can figure out how to get Spook her own social media accounts, I am going to post her latest video as it’s been 6 days and not even a $5 donation for a kid’s summer vacation wish. That’s BRUTAL, and a little rude. Don’t have money? Clicking share and giving her youtube channel a like and a comment would be very kind. I see how much good social media has the propensity to do, so if I am willing to admit it serves a positive purpose…Don’t prove me right for thinking it’s just a hellscape of rude net trolls and narcissists who think the world will implode if their latest food photo isn’t posted ASAP. I get so fed up with the frivolity and sheer airheadedness the masses churn out on social media. Be nice to be proven wrong in thinking 99% on social media are monsters.


So, that is her youtube video on her channel.

This is her fundraising page.

Her pic she did on line to ask for help in a unique way.


Our paypal family account


Our adorable kitten Cuddles.

our cuddles

And if the mention of fundraising and money scares off more followers/readers., be it. This is important to my kid thus it is important to me. Now be nice to a little girl and at least compliment one of her videos on youtube, she needs some love.

Keep the social (media) disease though.


3 Responses to “Social (Media) Disease”

  1. Oh really, you say you didn’t get any donations since spook did the video?! That’s weird ’cause I sent you $25 or something like that last Sunday via PayPal, didn’t it come through? :O Pity that no one else has helped you so far… Anyway, gonna share the video on my blog in a little while and I really hope that at least this helps a bit. Don’t have Facebook or any other social media so I assume that’s all I can do. As for Facebook, I have an impression like many parents actually don’t care much about how old their kids are, my Sofi who is 11 has quite a couple classmates who have Facebook and just pretend to be 13, so I guess their parents don’t mind. I’m not fully convinced it is a good idea though.

    • We got the $25 the same day we set up the fundraiser, it just went into paypal as opposed to the page so it shows up as zero donations. We used that $25 to buy frivolous things like food and gas for the car, btw. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Some of her little friends at school have been telling their parents and that they’d donate if we had Facebook and could give them a link to the page but like I said, I’m not comfortable with the email raping antisocial media site. So just gonna circulate it any way I can, probably create a FB under our combined names on a device not connected to my accounts. Yeah, my FB hatred runs deep.

      Thanks for your kindness and passing along word, we appreciate it immensely. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m off to walk some dogs in the rain, my dad is giving me three bucks to do it while they are gone. Then I have to towel dry them, and they like cuddle time after the walk and…I now see why people call me crazy cat lady when I treat my babies that way. Mad as a hatter.

      much love from us both and have a great weekend!


      On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 5:17 AM Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. […] I’m sharing the video made by Spook, daughter of Morgueticia from Take A Ride On My Moodswing […]

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