Shout Out For Help With Depression Treatment Device

I have been wanting one of these for awhile now since I have had such rotten luck with antidepressants and they cut my Xanax and I can’t sleep for shit. $299 plus shipping and handling, and I have to get the ok by my psych nurse, they need documentation that I am indeed depressed. Like I’d make that up

Fisher Wallace Stimulator® – $300 Discount

I know I have no right to ask but by the time my check comes in, the device will be back up to $299 and insurance won’t pay a cent. So I figure, what have I got to lose? People ignore me? That is pretty much every day ending in d-a-y.

Worth a shot.

Read up on it. I sounds nutsy kookoo but I am desperate and willing to lick hallucinogenic toads at this point. And considering ERMD and the pulser treatments that are used today will never be covered by my insurance, it’s not any nuttier than those standardly used methods.

If you wish to help, our paypal info is here…

We’re also struggling to afford flea meds for the cats, and I need a lawyer with a functioning brain and employers aren’t knocking down my door or blowing up my email and phone (even if I am blowing up all the job sites, snag, indeed, monster, with my apps and resume).

I understand not wanting to help or not being able to. But for me to even consider what essentially might be some fantasy voodoo device because I need symptom relief so desperately…This isn’t a matter of being happy. It’s a matter of not wanting to die every other day. It may work, it may not. Can’t be any more of a ripoff than $780 for a 30 day supply of Latuda which made me suicidal and more depressed. (Oh, now it says I could save extra money on shipping and processing by ordering in the next two hours.) I’m not one to jump on whackadoodle trends but with my current level of psych care…I’d about stick a fork in an outlet as a form of ECT if I thought it’d help.

If you don’t do cash donation, we’d be happy with a six pack of Advantage Two for 9lbs and over cats. Having learned fleas can spread Typhus and knowing how bad I break out every flea season…it’s for their comfort as well as mine and Spook’s.
And a lawyer, well, I’d take a legal student who could advise me on my recourse with this lousy excuse for a lawyer I have right now. He has done more to ensure the donor’s rights than my child’s. These are not frivolous causes. And since the meds just fail and fail, I don’t see how trying the stimulator could hurt, except financially, if it doesn’t work. If it were to work, I might be able to fight my insurance for reimbursement since in the long term the meds end up costing more.

Please, thanks, and God and pegacorn bless.


4 Responses to “Shout Out For Help With Depression Treatment Device”

  1. I cant help, but if I could you know I would! Moneys a little tight this week, but on friday, I can donate a little more to your flea and lawyer fund. xox

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