Monday’s Minimalist Thoughts

Beautifully Random Stuff

I sooo…
want a mousepad with a target that says ‘bang head here’. Dealing with customer service, by phone or on line, is hellish.
I need your account and pin number to assist you…
Well, I don’t have that anymore because YOU people convinced me to go paperless, grrr.
There is such thing as a ‘good smell’ that actually makes you gag…
My insurance company had a Scentsy burning like pumpkin spice and it was all I could do not to gag.
I usually stick to vanilla/ocean/leather/rose/lilac scents for my knock off warmers but I used the cotton candy melts my mom gave my kid and…Argh, it’s just tooo sugary, like sickeningly so.
I have also, since childhood, been repulsed by the smell of raspberries, even just bubblegum. Guess I gotta come down off my high horse when people say my wax burners have a ‘sickening’ smell.

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