Sunday Thoughts of Salvation And Insanity

Beautifully Random Stuff

Jim Rose Sideshow…
Never heard of it then…
I watched the episode of X-Files called “Humbug”.
Man, it still makes me smile. And turns my stomach cos it musta been something I ate.
And if that sailed over your head, you need to watch that episode again/for the first time, then you will get it. It’s gross warped humor but ain’t that the best kind….
‘victim of a brutal murder’…
Not to seem flippant but isn’t murder itself an act of brutatlity?
I guess ‘victim of a banal crime’ isn’t click bait-y enough.
Hey, Employers…
Heard of a catch-22?
You won’t hire us if we don’t have experience but we can’t get experience if no one will give us a chance.
I should think even hiring inexperienced people and then training them well would make more sense than writing off completely anyone has not worked in that…

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