Even The Wicked Occasionally Deserve Some Rest

I thought it was bad enough when the earpiece broke off my glasses last week.

Today I found the rest of them…but not til after they’d been stepped on outside. Knew I lost them somewhere. No fixing them now. Even if I got an appointment at the eye doc tomorrow, it’d still take 3 months for my insurance to process it, and another month before I got them. Frick.

Really glad I have that hoarder instinct and kept my old glasses from 4 years ago. They’re bifocal and not as strong as I need now days and they give me massive headaches but…better than nothing.

Could Spook and I just catch a break at some point?


One Response to “Even The Wicked Occasionally Deserve Some Rest”

  1. I know how much you guys need that break. Me too.

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