Mundane Monday Vlog

I want to keep this blog based on written word rather than video but today kind of sucked and it’s taken 8 plus hours to upload a 25 minute vid clip to youtube (fuck you, ALLEGEDLY high speed internet costing me $80 a month) (and that’s after a 2 hour total reformat of my FUBAR Android) so…I’m just gonna post the video. My kid went to bed before 6 p.m., she is so exhausted from the cold and cough and I am pms-ing and dreading the family get together Thursday so…I’m gonna go on a melatonin vacation as soon as the vid finishes uploading. Honestly, I finally, after 3 tries, managed to watch Dxter thru season 8, final season, and um, yeah, didn’t like the ending but I finish it at last…I’m caught up on most my on line shows which has reduced me to garbage on the free digital antenna like Little House On The Prairie (acck, tho my kid could learn a few lessons on how to be less spoiled from that show), then an old Three’s Company (mindless funny) and now M*A*S*H. And I watch it by choice but mostly I remember it as a ‘booorring’ show my dad watched when I was a kid and we had one TV so I endured it…Now that I am OLD(er)…I appreciate the show for what it is.

I’d like to send a thank you to one of my followers who was so very decent and kind as to send us cat food and litter that will tide our cats over til my check comes. I’m never sure about proper netiquette and whether to link to someone’s blog or if they want to remain anon, so if she reads this…let me know. I have no problem linking to you, you have been so very kind to our furry friends. Merci!!!!

I’m ready for bed. PMDD doesn’t just give you pms on steroids, it pretty much makes your entire body ache and feel bruised. I am not opposed to rest. I just hope Spook feels better come morning, hate seeing her feeling so rough. She’s in good company as pretty much every member of the family has had it-and still is battling it. I’ve medicated her much as is safe, though, this ain’t bacterial. Viral stuff you gotta tough out and my kid isn’t good at that. She wants to fuss, whine, complain, manipulate, and fuss some more and drag you down with her. She’s like a 50 year old man in a 9 year old girl’s body 😛 (Oh, don’t get your boxers in a bunch, it’s funny.)

I swiped this pic from another blogger who is set to private so I won’t share the link unless she tells me it’s cool. I’ve got several adult coloring books but since I can’t afford good crayons or markers, just more stress, not less. Funny cartoon, tho.

Needing moeny for gas to get to town and back for multiple appointments isn’t exactly trying to score a fancy gaming system. Need, not greedy, and I really need money for gas to get my kid in for her yearly eye,dental, and well kid check up. So if nothing else,a gas station gift card would be awesome. I know, no dignity in having a hand out, but if you read the updated page, you’ll see I actually have a ‘future’ plan in place, I just need a little seed money, and to get through the holidays with the heat still on and my kid clothed appropriatly for the weather.

And check out the channel and subscribe, too.


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