Dear Followers…Sorry…Really, I Am Sorry

I received two donations towards Spook’s birthday/school clothes funds and due to shit memory, I forgot my password to log into gofundme so I could send proper thank yous days ago. I keep thinking, ‘I’ll feel better tomorrow” but…meh, depression doesn’t really work that way. I seem to get one high functioning day a week and I never know when that will be so…I truly am sorry for my breach in etiquette, for we truly are grateful for the donations. Every little bit help, and even a share helps restore faith in humankind. Even if this week I have been a poor example myself with shit manners. Really am sorry.

I am hormonal, crampy, and my sleep has become so plagued with disturbance, I never feel rested. Just exhausted all the damned time and you’d think the doctor might want to do something about that but meh, they toss either coma drugs or weak ass anti-histamine-wanna-be-sleep-drugs because the stuff that works for actual sleep like Lunesta or whatever isn’t covered by shit insurance so sucks to be me.

And today, it really does suck to be me. I am in such a dark, listless space. When I say all I look forward to is is one of those days when it’s not merely a mind frame. It’s literally all I can think of every two minutes, clock watching, waiting, hoping the time passes quickly, praying for night time so I can shed this day and this mind frame like the nasty rotting layer of skin it is. I even tried to outrage myself into a different state of mind by giving in and watching the freaky futuristic Altered Carbon. But I can’t even work up outrage today. I am in a blackened room and sleep is my only respite but tick tock slowly goes the clock…5 and a half hours at least before the spawn wears down and crashes so I can follow suit.

I’d like to say “I’d kill” for a good night’s sleep but apparently these days, you can’t publicly say a fucking thing without it coming back to haunt you as being in bad taste, poor humor, racially insensitive, disrespectful of murder victims and the dead, who the fuck knows. Last time I was on a page about the current supreme court nominee there was clickbait about Zac Efron sporting dreads so people were in an uproar about A FUCKING HAIRSTYLE. Because white people haven’t been sporting dreads as fun fashion statements until right this fucking news cyclel. God, the idiocy around us boggles the mind. Makes me grateful I have whacked out brain chemicals and can be set off by such stupidity. Because if I had ‘normal’ brain chemicals like the masses allegedly do, then I’d be just as intellectually emaciated as them. A FUCKING HAIRSTYLE TRUMPS SOME DUDE WHO IS GOING TO GET A LIFETIME APPOINTMENT TO THE SUPREME COURT.

I’m starting to think the current state of things in the U.S> is a new mental disorder of its own called Trumpdashian Braindeath. If you can look around and not be depressed, you’re either on better drugs, delusional, or Republican. (Oh, that will bite me on the ass, no doubt, but hey, if you’re a Republican with enough intelligence to at least respect differing opinions, no problem here, it’s the mindless followers I want to club with Z-whackers.) Fuck. I went political, that’s never good and it was never something I gave a damn about until…well, everyone started drinking the Kool-Aid. Nothing pisses me off more than mindless following, religious or political affiliation be damned. Think for yourself, have your principles, but for fuck’s sake, never be too zealous to admit when you might be wrong or others’ points of view might be valid, too. Even I can do that much, which is why I triple and quadruple check any story I read about current political events. Much as I like a great witch hunt, I’m thinking multiple sources of multiple affiliations, you’re probably close to the truth there. And more than being right or being agreed with, I just want the fucking truth.

Even when it feeds the Frankenstein that is my depression. I can’t believe how far down the rabbit hole I have fallen, and some of it must be related to improper sleep. Even when my kid’s not home for me to stress out about, I can’t stay asleep. And I want to stay asleep.

So there you have it. Sorry, truly, for lapses in etiquette and my gratitude is true.

Sorry not sorry for the political tirade, it’s gotten downright asinine out there and since I am willing to admit my view isn’t the only view or even necessarily the right view…I have no use for others who can’t do the same. It may cost me followers but…I’m so far down the rabbit hole, launching a few social nukes seems the least of my worries.

And the true blue who read this blog because it resonates in some way…won’t be run off by some hormonal prattling and a small tirade about what we all know to be true. Half of America has joined a cult and aren’t just drinking the Kool-Aid, they’re snorting it in dry powder form, too.

To those I offended who are decent human beings….well, me having my own, perhaps contrary opinion, wouldn’t offend you if you were decent, so….meh.


It was brought to my attention that I did not include the link to Spook’s fundraiser. Kid wants a birthday and school clothes and pencils (they do still use those these days, right?) and all that stuff so any help is much appreciated.

7 Responses to “Dear Followers…Sorry…Really, I Am Sorry”

  1. I feel you. I just want to go to bed too, without drinking myself into oblivion first, preferably. Just found out my mom’s going to need to go into assisted living because her mind is gone, and it’s my job to find said place for her, and visit her weekly, despite the fact that she sucked as a mother and I’m sucking the mud at the bottom of my own puddle of depression. I want to donate to sweet Spook’s bday, the expression ‘intellectually emaciated’ increased that donation,(love your writing!!) but no link in this post? 💕💕


      Think I’m intellectually emaciated myself, today, at least.

      Sorry to hear about your corner of Sludgeville. My mom has early onset dementia (she wandered into the men’s room at Wal-mart and didn’t even pause even at the sight of urinals) so I feel you. Fortunately for me my sister’s lived her entire 39 years with mom so she was put in charge of all that stuff. I made the horrible traitorous move (in my family) of actually moving out away from my parents when I was 17. My half brother’s 23 and lives with dad and his woman. I’m the turncoat who cut her own umbilical cord and apron strings 😉

      I’ll keep good thoughts for you, anemic a sentiment as that may be. We’re all in Depressive Sludgeville together, alone as we may feel. ❤

      On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 4:41 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Oh, I was the traitorous one who moved away too, at 17 also actually, – then she followed me! We can do this, right? Right?? One toenail at a time…💕

      • Shared – your little sweetie’s bday is the day after mine! I’ll be thinking of her!

      • Merci! That was very kind. And happy early birthday to you in the event I get too overwhelmed with her shindig and school registration and ugh…I am indeed hanging on by my toe nails like a bat, grrr.

        On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 7:25 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. Trumpdashian Braindeath!!
    My favourite new phrase of 2018!
    Thank you for making me belly laugh for 2 minutes!

    • You’re welcome! Seems the only time I am funny is when I don’t put effort into it, I just spew whatever is chewing on my mind at that moment. But yeah, that was a funny one, kind of proud of it. 😉

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