Pet Therapy Ever Help With Your Disorders? Read About A Kitty Breast Cancer Survivor

Okay, second post about my sister’s cat, Schmitten and their fundraiser. The first post got zero likes and it makes my heart break. I get why people are reluctant to donate to other people asking for money, people are deceptive, greedy lying fucks most of the time.

On this one, I can attest that Schmitten did survive an awful housefire that killed NINE of their cats with smoke inhalation. She is over a decade old, and then she started getting mammary tumors and finally my sister got her to the vet and they did a radical masectomy on the poor cat to remove her mammary glands.

Schmitten before op:

And this is Smitty, AFTER the radical masectomy:

Of course, I’d like OUR fundraiser to prosper but after a month trying to raise money simply to pay the security deposit off and get trash service started, to no avail…

I am okay with diverting attention to Schmitten’s fundraiser. Stitches and staples gotta come out and she needs a vet to do it, but they won’t if sis doesn’t have the money up front.

So if you simply love pets or you have a therapy pet who simply helps you cope with anxiety and depression…Donate if you can, or just spread the pink ribbon campaign on social media. This poor cat has been through hell ten times over and she is still fighting for her life in spite of it all. She deserves your compassion, empathy and help, even if it’s just a social media share. Because, yeah, even cats get breast cancer and deserve to wear the pink ribbon and be supported.

My brother in law and nephew told my sister she was wasting her time doing the fundraiser because “no one gives a fuck about our cat, it’s stupid.” Please please please, prove those idgets wrong. Because while people may be wary of donating to other people due to rampant internet scams and schemes…Schmitten is a real, live kitty who has survive hell, and she is worthy of the respect, empathy, and effort to donate or share her story.

Find it in your heart to just visit the site and read Schmitten’s story and pass it on or donate. My little brother and I pooled change to donate five bucks (of course on my account cos his parents won’t allow him on his own computer due to a years ago social media stalking problem) and that is a start but…If your pet has helped you through tough times and keeps doing so, or you had a beloved pet with potentially lethal health issues…

Think of Schmitten.

And if you have a rebellious bone in your body and a strong dislike for dick-ish people…well, then do it just to prove my nephew and brother in law wrong about my sis wasting her time starting a campaign for her beloved kitty cat. Clicking ‘share’ for social media costs you nothing and hey, it’s for a cancer surviving cat- way more worthy than me and my kid. Not shutting down my campaign because I still think our cause is worthy but if you’re wary of people…

At least consider the pink ribbon cat campaign. That poor cat was maimed with potentially life saving surgery and now they need another couple of hundred for her next appointment to get the sutures and staples removed.

Pets give so much to us, whether we have issues that call for a therapy pet or not.

Show this cat some empathy and support, PLEASE. If Spook and I are willing to put the cat before ourselves and it’s not even our cat…That’s gotta say something. Schmitten needs your help. And a couple of douchey people need to be proven wrong and find out that some people DO care about animals.

My cats have always been my anchor (prior to having a child) so I know how crucial they are for positive mental health. Call it pet therapy, emotional support, calming your psychological demons…

Pets matter, be they dogs, cats, igaunas,snakes, or jellyfish. If it helps you get through the day during your darkest hour and you’ve done all you can to help them…

Then surely you are worthy of some compassion and help (even if just a share) as is your pet.

Show Schmitty Kitty that people do care.

Pink ribbons and breast cancer are not exclusive to human women.

Merci, thank you, and btw, this is a seperate campaign from my own, all proceeds go to my sister toward Schmitten’s vet bills. The only thing I have to gain here is…knowing I fought for my feline niece because she fought so hard to stay alive in spite of her own suffering.

Her strength and tenacity make me want to be as tough as she is. “Just a cat” is not a phrase in our world. Our pets are our family and our emotions toward them run as deep as if they were fellow humans and our own blood.

Schmitten needs you. Share, donate, pass it on by email…She’s a fighter so help her keep fighting.

Thanks, guys.


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