Mindfulness Is The Kardashian Of Mental Health Treatment

Oh,yes,I am back to bitch and moan and frankly,I don’t care who it offends. My triggers are many but the last couple of years…the term ‘mindful’ sets me off just as much as the colors orange and red have triggered me since I woke with my apartment building on fire 18 years ago. I try to ignore it,try to not engage the trigger,try to deny it is a trigger.

But it is a mega trigger that makes my blood boil.

Sooo many blogs about mental health the last couple of years have become havens for buzz word ‘mindfulness’. Of course, mindfulness is the new black.

It’s a mindless trend in psych treatment, getting its moment in the sun same as all the other trending treatments over the years. Cognitive,exposure,rapid eye movement desensitization,visualization…

The professionals have NO clue what they are doing so every few years they change therapies. It’s no better than which Kardashian is trending today for what utterly inane reason.

Bringing me to another trigger- the all new labeling of mental health disorders as ‘behavioral health’. That one makes me feel stabby.

I am glad for people who have had good results with cbt, the eye movement spiel,the ‘immerse yourself in what you fear to heat your fear’ and mindfulness. Great for you!

Thing is,I’ve been in treatment for 32 years and the treatment trends come and go. As soon as you find what works, the trend changes. And for those like me who all but walk on hot coals and use leeches to suck out our depression and anxiety…

Trendy treatments are futile and downright insulting.

And by the way,as much as I really want to be supportive of and happy for others who are on the mend…

‘Cured/managed’ mental health patients can grate on my nerves as much as hypocritical former smokers who kicked it and suddenly are so great in their own mind.

You should savor feeling better but don’t forget what it’s like on the other side of the fence where no miracles are happening.

Be MINDFUL that while you are doing better and now you have all this great clarity about how awful you once felt and now you feel great,wow,what a complaining loser I used to be…

Some of us aren’t there yet. Some of us simply aren’t trending with sunshine spewing mindfulness…and that’s ok.

Trends come and go. I want my treatment to work and stick around.

But hey,that’s just my opinion and while I stand by it…use leeches,hot coal walks, snort Sea Monkeys. Do what works for you.

Just don’t be shocked if I hear the term ‘mindful’ and start looking all stabby.

We all have our stuff and that godawful trendy term…makes me want to locate sharp objects.

Now back to your all important previously scheduled top ten trending topics. Hey,maybe one of the Kardashians are using mindfulness leech therapy.

5 Responses to “Mindfulness Is The Kardashian Of Mental Health Treatment”

  1. I lurve you. Let’s get stabby together (sung to the tune of Olivia Newton John’s Let Get Physical). I too, personally, think mindfulness is bullshit. Kindly take your shit and choke on it, yes? Struggle bus, party of Sass and Morgue, here to take down your bullshit. ❤️❤️

    • Dude,we are fucked up kindred spirits. I drove my parents nuts with that Olivia Newton John song on my tape box! Though getting stabby sounds way less physically exhausting,cooler, and well,stabby is kinda awesome minus criminal intent. Lurve you,too,miss you soo much. We totally need to pull a less felonious Thelma and Louise,maybe designing Z-Whackers in the back of an El Camino… Love to you,Thing One,and Thing Two. We are such fuzzy wuzzy mooshmongers with our nicknames for our Things,or in my case,my devil spawn. We sooo rock the parenting thing. Minus any future therapy needs.

      On Sat, Apr 28, 2018, 3:51 PM Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Dude-i had a pink boom box that was longer than it was wide that I loved! Man I miss good 80s music. The shit that plays now makes me ears bleed. Now as for stabby…*Groucho Marks eyebrow wiggle*
        Stabby is a fucking beautiful and versatile word! Adjective, noun, verb, prepositional phrase. Right now I’m totally ok with criminal intent…if it gets the message across, I’ll go down for it! But I’m also totally ok with designing Z Whackers in the back of an Electronic Camino. (Did you ever watch or finish season 4?!?!!!) I have a coworker that calls her kids shitlins and hilligans (their last name is Hill) We are so good at parenting that we keep our hoodlums alive! Woohoo! As for therapy needs..we should start a GoFundMe for them all.

      • Due to the move and lack of internet access,The Murph could have turned into a ballerina,for all Spook and I know. We’re etching stone walls here for entertainment. Mentally healthy,societally polite or not…I am ready to pull a Billy Idol ‘Rebel Yell’ and burn some bridges as long as they hear me to the point their ear hair singes… Man,to be so free and build Z Whackers across the US while giggling at zombie induced historic hilarities…Ya know,like a tour bus of Abe Lincolns in honor of our asinine state… Fiction has it’s downs but man,if reality also had such funny moments…I might need less medi-go-round. Lurve you,woman! Our best only sort if stabby thoughts for you and yours.

        On Mon, Apr 30, 2018, 8:57 PM Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. […] demon haunting me in my daily life. The theory the professionals have cooked up (this week’s trending Kardashian, I suppose) is that by viewing our disorders negatively it gives them more power over us and we […]

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