Evicted Due To Being Broke

One of the maintenance men delivered this to my door today. This is the FIRST any tenant has heard about them kicking us out unless we buy. The entire reason most of us live here is because we are too broke to afford a home.

My daughter and I lose our lease March 30th.

This gives 6 weeks without a spare dime to find a place and move.

To say panic is setting in is an understatement. This on top of everything else that has happened, and my own mental health struggles.

So, to my chagrin I am doing another fundraising campaign in hopes of at least getting a little money together should some other living arrangement arise.

I am livid that after 9 years of never once paying late or causing any trouble that we would be treated this shabbily but all tenants are facing this so it’s not personal against me, at least.

If you can help, PLEASE.

If not, at least pass the link on social media. I am between a rock and a hard place here and I am just trying to do right by my kid.

View Fundraiser Page Here



One Response to “Evicted Due To Being Broke”

  1. the link is inviting me to sign in and start a campaign instead of inviting me to donate. Could you check to make sure it’s letting people donate? How much is needed? And, before you buy it, are they going to fix it? Or, will they drop the price to account for the cost of repairs?

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