Suffice it to say the pony party for Spook Saturday went ok. My stomach was a wreck from the moment I woke to hours after we got back and I barely slept Friday night…Fortunately, everyone was civilized. Sorta. This dysfunctional family always has an incident or two but at least they were like dud firecrackers instead of bottle rockets.

That is Spook riding the pony Sassy Pants. I thought it was so nice they had all the pink ribbons in her mane and such. She only gave a ride or two then they noticed a limp and she has the equivalent of a human with an ingrown toe nail so she has to see a vet.

That is Pepper pony, the kids rode him a bit more but honestly…I felt bad for the ponies as well as my uncle traveling 90 miles to bring them to town (Bumfuck, not our town) and the various brats paid more attention to the swingset and trampoline. I kept walking over to pet the ponies and talk to them and tell them thank you for letting the kids ride them.

The PLUS side was my sister’s friend M and her brood didn’t come and her friend Bty showed minus her bf and his 3 spawns. Down side, there were 40 people there and only 8 were remotely related or known to me. I had such stomach issues I kept running in to use the bathroom which of course made everyone assume I was anti social and convinced I am too good for them. Then my uncle made a comment about how I don’t talk much but HELLOOOO? Anxiety around crowds.

Genius stepmonster served 40 pork chops with one package of buns and an empty bottle of bbq sauce.

The horse cake dad’s neighbor made.

As for me…I tossed some fake blue streaks in my hair just to keep with being ‘the weird one’ in the family Their weird is my awesome.

(I even wore make up and earrings, Trintellix must be doing something good!!!)

Perhaps not my finest parental moment, I begged my kid for this from her temp tattoo gift she got cos…

I AM…THE FLASH. The little known blue one, anyway.

My part in the birthday shindig was to let her friend S sleep over 2 nights and I took them to Wendy’s for 50 cent Frosty’s then a free ferris wheel ride (it started pouring rain once we got stopped at the top and then they shut it down, we were all drenched).

Tonight is just pizza and cake and ice cream at my mom’s. I’d say no biggie but I just know my sister’s friends and all their spawns will be there, ugh. They are so much older than Spook, they just come for the free food. I will tough it out. Because I have to.

What has me stressing is her meth head friends, I mentioned them in a prior post. Well they need a place to live and everyone knows my slumlord pretty much rents to anyone if they have the cash and now my sis and them are expecting me to be a reference. Honestly, I don’t know these people well (I do like J’s mom a lot) but what I do know…I ain’t putting my residency on the line to back some meth heads who lost custody of 3 kids. (I forgot they had the third one, he was taken away when he was so little but seems to be thriving away from them so good for him.) They do drugs, sell drugs, are renowned for house hopping and bailing when they have no money…

I can’t be judging on the house hop thing, I have found myself many times in the situation of no money thus having to bail out of a rental place and I have shit references to prove it. I’ve been here 8 years and shit as it may be, for the rent I pay and all the inclusions and space…I’m not getting tossed out for these meth heads I don’t much know. (I hooked the donor up with them when he wanted to buy pot back in the day, not sure that’s saying I know them, simply of them.)

Grr, being put in these spots. And I had money stolen from my purse Saturday at the shindig cos for whatever bizarre reasons various redneck teenagers were there (for the free food, I guess, dad and his woman know them) but I can’t dare mention it or file a report because then it will start family war and their friends’ perfect teen snowflakes would never mess with an unattended purse let alone steal…

Right now Spook has her friends R and S here on my living room floor and they’re into my 40 plus bottle nail polish stash and I think our brain cells are dying off from the bloody fumes. But birthday girl and all that stuff. I only spent about $22 on her birthday and feel cheap but at least she got three shindigs and more stuff out of it.

Now mommy wants someone to gift her with a spork of fortitude/aka/Canadian whiskey and coke.

Fuck me, right? Meh. 9 days and she’s back in school. Tick tock. Can’t wait. R best not bug me because I texted him twice as there is a hose hanging off my car which might be why it is running so crappy but he can’t even bother with a ten second ‘fuck you’ reply. When he needs his stupid parts, the favor will be repaid.

Not petty. Turnabout.


2 Responses to “After….math”

  1. Happy Birthday Spook. And look at Sassy Pants!

  2. Happy Birthday, Spook. I hope you know, you are very well-loved. By me, too. I hope your birthday was the best so far, and next year is even better. Did you get good presents?

    And Ms N, I’m sorry about all the drama and trauma. Glad you’re *relative-ly* speaking, OK, through it all. I wish I had better cash flow but the lottery keeps not picking the right numbers, and my job is still trying to teach me how to not starve to death in a famine, and how to not bitch about it. I haven’t learned yet, clearly.

    I even bought a ticket in PA passing through because I wanted a shot at it. Until then, I’m slim pickings, but hopefully others will come through to help. When you can, boric acid is around $11 and glue traps about $5 at Wal-mart. should be enough for one house.

    And when I can, because I can’t keep on continuously not winning the lottery, if no one beats me to you, I’m kidnapping and adopting you and Spook. ❤ Eventually I have to win it, right? Nice pictures! Thank you for sharing. You're both too cute! 🙂


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