Smart Phones Make Me Feel Dumb

So I upgraded to a ZTE Majesty Pro smart phone after the dumbass “oops, I lost my flip phone” debacle…

Thing is, I kinda like this new phone. I and I mean “kinda”. Because all the permissions and me accidentally denying them cockblock me, or text block, me anyway…it’s frustrating.

BUT I got my personalized ringtones (30 Seconds To Mars “The Kill” for calls, AC/DC “Back In Black” for texts, and oh, yeah, Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘N’Roll” for an alarm) and I got the keyboard for fat fingers and a skull background…and OMG, soooo much easier than that other ZTE I had for a whole month cos service was so pricey thus I gave it to my spawn to destroy and she did…This Majesty is…Less convoluted.

Still, makes me feel less stupid, but also, dumb. Thank you, Google Gods, for letting me find the answers the stupid manual doesn’t have.

Is this post relevant? Nah. Important? Hell no! But…Change for me is very very very uber difficult. When I manage it without a meltdown…I DO want to shout it from the mountain tops.

What is so weird is I am self taught on computers and multiple Windows OS (with a little friend help) but smart phones terrify me more than any desk top, lap top, tablet, Windows OS or even Android. You live with a ‘dumb phone’ for 17 years, and sending a text becomes an exercise in frustration because you “denied” permission without even knowing what you were doing so you can’t send a simple bloody text…GRRR. Not a fan.

I am trying, I am managing. Best I can do.

To my special friend who commits random acts of kindness for my spawn and me…You are so appreciated and loved. Thank you for remembering her birthday and remembering my broke ass couldn’t even afford brake fluid for the car. You are a stellar person and even the Flying Spaghetti Monster agrees. Pasta deity says it’s true, it’s gotta be!

Now I am signing off, because the hypo mania happy fun pants thing is gonna fade and I’d like to end this post on a…well, happy fun pants note. May you britches bring you giggles and good times way longer than my happy pants mood swings do for me.

One Response to “Smart Phones Make Me Feel Dumb”

  1. Hey, Miss Happy Britches! Calm it down a bit, some of us are trying to eat breakfast, and it’s difficult with visions of you dancing around the table. And what’s worse, dancing ON the table. Well, the vision’s not a BAD one, but it is SO distracting!!! While you’re up there, though, could you please pass the coffee?

    May your mania only bring you goodness and joy and none of the negative sides of the swingset, and may you never recover from all the… happy pants. I’m sorry, I don’t even want to know what you’re doing up there on that table; I can’t look any more. HEY!!! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW, YOUNG LADY!! This is a family restaurant & bar! Please!!! Think of the children!!

    DM 😉

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