Make American Hate Again

YEP. Tis that time again. That time when Morgue forgets this is a mental health blog and tosses in her political pennies not because I have any use for politics but because…it’s the reality these days and reality is hideous. This country will never be great again under current leadership. It’s just one man’s carnival to teach the sheeple to be hatemongering narcissistists like himself (anyone catch the Boy Scout Jamboree thing? Or the Tweets where he even dragged his 11 year old into his own media circus? Disgusting.) Of course, being king narcissist, even if you lick his pricey shoe leather and agree with every word out of his mouth, you will still be beneath him and unworthy of his presence. It’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder 101, in any DSM version.

But, Morgue, almost EVERY high profile and public figure has narcissistic qualities, it’s what makes them good leaders.

True, sociopaths are most often very successful. Because they have no conscience and have zero self awareness.

I had hope for a new regime, a president whose roots weren’t lifelong political involvement. I really did. What I have seen is essentially the start of The Movie That Never Was- Gray State. (One of the guys involved in making the trailer suddenly killed his wife, kids, and himself with no prior history of suicidal ideation, hmmmmm.) I am just one more ‘crazy’ person but the state of things these days…My crazy is looking pretty sane when our most powerful supposedly intelligent and cultured leader spends half his time traveling to his estate to golf and the other half dictating mindless hate mongering tweets to his minions if not verbalizing the hatred itself in his public speeches. I find it appalling. I am a nobody, but I’m still an American with a right to free speech.

I know the rare occasion I post political, it’s pretty much overlooked, ignored, or it starts some flame wars which I mostly spam because I refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed individuals. But frankly, my mental state is pretty solid today because I got a call from my beloved spawn late last night declaring how much she misses me and wants to come home…and it made my blackened stone heart dance in bright pink and red Valentine’s colors and turn to old school Slush Puppy material.

So I am entitled to a political rant on occasion if my mental demons are safely tucked away in their closet and not rattling their chains.

I will NOT be assimilated and say I “hate” President Trump. Hatred is not what this country, nor tis world, needs. Acceptance, tolerance, kindness, a return to values that all can honor without reservation…That’s what is needed and that is what I pray to the sacred pegacorn, spaghetti monster, God, and all other deities for.

A quote I heard yesterday that rings out for me, because it is precisely why I am so concerned with my child’s conscienceless behavior…

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” – Theodore Roosevelt

If your big morality measure is pride in not having had a drink of alcohol your whole life yet you tout religion and moral values while spewing hatred and intolerance…

You sort of are a menace to society.

Let the hate comments begin.

4 Responses to “Make American Hate Again”

  1. I just said “awwwwwww!” because your daughter is a beautiful soul and I have all kinds of reasons to love her soul and her mommy too.

    But WHAT!? POLITICS? Poli-tricks if you ask me! I’m not a rabid fan of Donald (but he’s growing on me, like orange hair…) I think the twitter thing is for twits (Shit! NOBODY look for @DeonMumple! Shit!) The twitter thing is stupidity, I wish they banished him from it until he’s not the president any more. But where the hell was the candidate who would have been worth voting for? There wasn’t one. I want a candidate that’s not wrapped in scandals since the start of her career and trying to erase our national borders, not completely against my belief system, not a liar, not an idiot, not a fear-monger… none of these candidates were available for my vote.

    The scout thing, I don’t really care what he said, although you may chide, “content matters,” well fuck that, at least he had the grace to show up. They’ve invited past presidents every year, the big flat O never showed up, not for 8 years! “Busy doing presidential things” my big flat A. Donald showed up, he gave a funny and encouraging speech, I’m good with that. It’s more impressive than a no-show. So IMHO, just for showing up, the D is a better president than the O.

    • shit, now my soul-mate hates me!

      • I am a ‘content matters’ person but that’s just me. I took my lumps tonight from R for not being Team Trump but then I wasn’t Team Edward or Team Jacob so I really suck at this new age vapid popularity mindset. I am “Team-lesser-evil”. Unless my mood is real low then I’m kinda “Team Fuck Off.”

        The intelligence to disagree but still respect another’s opinion is what really matters. That bleeping content thing and all 😉

        On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 9:05 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. I don’t know Edward or Jacob… I’ll look it up. Oh, that whole Twilight Vampires vs Werewolves thing was shit imho. I favor the monsters who either cooperated because they empathized with one another-social outcasts, suffering bloodborne or saliva-borne pathogens that cause monstrous symptoms– or worked alone. Also, my fictional werewolves aren’t fully in control, and vampires have fangs and there isn’t any damned glitter unless it’s gold, because vampires are solitary and wealthy and they have time to read, and they kill annoying victims first. Blade was a bit of a stretch for me, but Wesley was just so good in the role.

    I’ve picked from what was offered, not necessarily “good,” or “worthwhile,” but what I thought was the better option. And it still sucks, having chosen, the whole thing is a random feeling crap-shoot and ALL of the available candidates they forced upon us in the last 3 or 4 elections or so, scared the shit out of me. I do hate the fear mongering and the hate (paradox?), and the political showboating and both parties rendering each other useless, and mostly costing me money I already don’t have, but if I don’t choose, I have to live with whoever gets chosen for me. If I choose, at least I said what I wanted, even if Mrs M undoes it (we’re a bit like the fucking congress, voting oppositely fairly often) sometimes. Politicians that have to work together seem to practice the art of taking boatloads of taxpayer money while doing fucking nothing. Except talking a lot, and I wish they wouldn’t do that either. All the talk, and the twits twittering, just feeds the not-funny comedians, and upsets everyone.

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