Trintellix, Lamictal, Wellbutrin, Bad Juju

Just a brief post on yet again, medication side effects. And what I have learned since starting Trintellix is…Taken by itself I am fine. When, in an effort to evade my bad memory and avoid forgetting meds, I tossed in my Lamictal and Wellbutrin with it twice and became nauseous, sleepy, and my stomach began to hurt, badly. Now since mental health care and meds are as much artform as science, I suppose there’s no way of foreseeing that this would be a bad combination to take at the same time. If I wait fifteen or so minutes to add the other two, I am fine.

Aside from the horrid stomach aches from mixing with other meds, the Trintellix is neither harming nor helping. It’s been 3 days though, so fair enough. I just cannot believe the misery I am in now simply because I wanted to take all three meds at once to avoid forgotten and missed doses.

Trying to plan a life around all this medication complication is a bitch. I am all but retching over the toilet when not curled up in stomach pain and my kid is furious with me because my pain overshadowed the fake concert she was going to put on. Kinda like R when these med complications screw up HIS plans. It’s all about everyone else and how this inconveniences them.

Medicated or hormonal or sane or not..That should make anyone pissed off, to be surrounded by so many selfish assholes who don’t care what you’re going through except that it inconveniences them.

On the other hand…Putting ourselves through all these trial and error meds and the side effects and failures…It negates the naysayers who claim we are malingerers who don’t want to get better. Psych meds are like gargling Drano and hoping it doesn’t kill you. No one would do this unless they wanted to feel better desperately.

So that is all. If you have med side effects that the professionals say you can’t have because their iphone says it’s not listed in the side effect post from the pharma gods…We are all different, all have different combos of meds to take, and IT IS NOT IN OUR HEADS when this stuff makes us sick.

And P.S.- I really find it disconcerting when my doctor, nurse practitioner and even the pharmacist are consulting their smart phones to inform me about my medications. I miss back when people read books. Grumpy Morgue out.

5 Responses to “Trintellix, Lamictal, Wellbutrin, Bad Juju”

  1. Awww, my girl wants to put on a concert, how FUN. I’m sorry you haven’t got the stomach for it… Hopefully she’ll save that creative energy for later when you can handle it.

    I agree with you that there is an absence of actual practical knowledge in a lot of fields, including medicine. I mean, if all you’re doing is looking online for shit, maybe I can find something that will work for me by looking online. We can save a lot of anguish, time and copays, I can document my current meds and side effects as they change with the changing chemistry and dosage. And if I’m helping you with your science, you can verify it online and then let me try it for myself! And if it doesn’t work, let me change it for myself and document THAT!

    • I went to the concert after the nausea and pain died down…She was using a freebie Guitar Hero guitar that makes no sound and she didn’t even have any songs lined up to sing. Unprofessional!

      But I made the effort. She’s just got to learn there are appropriate times to make demands on others. When someone is throwing up, that’s not an appropriate time. Cruel, ain’t I, trying to instill some empathy and manners in her.

      On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 11:45 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


    • yep. I forgot my medication today but tonight I’ll sleep longer. still have to redo the carpet and mow the grass if the kids don’t (haha) beat me to it (hahahahahahahahainfinity) at least my back isn’t sore for the weekend’s adventures. Just my right calf is doing the cramp thing. (“mooo!”)

      Such imagination in Spook’s heart. She’ll go far.

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