Let’s Talk About Social Security

I don’t pretend to be in the know on current political matters. However, I do subscribe to several things that deliver ‘news’ to my email in box.

Yesterday’s instant panic came with an email about President Trump’s plan to essentially gut social security. Now it’s not the first time I’ve heard or seen discussion on the matter. The fact that it’s coming closer to being reality, now that is what’s terrifying.

More galling is how the wealthy are getting more breaks, while necessary programs for those of us living at poverty level continue to go through the shredder.

Let’s be honest, my readers, who, like me, rely on social security disability just to survive…If this new regime has no qualms taking the paltry sums for older and elderly people…The disabled are just screwed. It may sound selfish but I look at my daughter and think, if we lose my disability income, we’re going to be homeless.

It’s terrifying. Because after a day or two of a quiet mind, today the Bad Voices have started mumbling, telling me I should just stop trying because we’re all doomed anyway. All those sheeple working class who thought Trump was the answer…You’re doomed, too. Because the rich are catching all the breaks. And if you’re a woman, well, the current regime wants to set womens’ right back fifty years. DOOMED.

I know political posts are frowned upon in the wordpress establishment but this is less about what party you vote for or how you like/love the president. This is about his plan to gut social security, something this country desperately needs. If you think it doesn’t impact you, then think about your parents or grandparents.

We should all feel some apprehension. And some of us are entitled to feel plain terrified.

8 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Social Security”

  1. If you should end up on the street, I do not want you to be afraid.
    I want you to know you can come live in the bunker, such as it is, if you want. It’s a distance (251 mi, to be exact, (I measured it)) from your life as you know it, where you are now so very close to everything good in the universe, but it’s an option. My family would adjust, and you’d find out some new and interesting actual facts about Deon Mumple and family, and see between “the honest truth[s] and the deceptive lie[s]…, the deceptive truth[s] and the honest lie[s]. (misappropriated from Robert Brault)” With apologies I can’t really help you move. I can only offer a weird brand of hospitality from us, mixed with alarm & suspicion from Mrs M. It does come with its own cramped living space, cheap food, and a frequently filthy (I have to clean that if I see it) bathroom, though. So, rather than being in fear, let me know if it comes to that.

    • oh, it comes with something I know you’ll really like: (not!) Change!

    • You may be the kindest man I’ve ever known to exist. No one, not my parents, not R, has even offered me and Spook a place to stay should things get that dire. You’re very kind.

      And I bet you’re fun to drink with. Mrs. M can make sure we don’t commit any misdemeanors or felonies šŸ˜‰

      On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Clearly, you need to hang out with better men. The quarters would only be cramped when you plinko off the kids or the dog or the wife, or they would plink when bouncing into one of those tiny, cramped glasses…

        bonus bounces: if you come and induce Mrs M to murder me in my sleep, there’ll be more room for you and my sweet Spook! We’ve got two small garden boxes in the back to hide the body parts in. Seriously I have a comfy sofa for sleeping if you’re not 6’2″, a couchthing I can’t remember what to call it that folds out into a bed, and a twin bed thingy dismantled in the gross garage, in case Mrs M doesn’t want to just murder me outright. Ohh yeah, it’s called a “futon.”

      • Bitch, please! Like any of them would kill you. You cook, you clean, you chauffeur, you work, you put them all ahead of your own needs…They wouldn’t make it without you, dude šŸ˜‰

        On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 4:42 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • what’s that thing between a misdemeanor and innocence? And, while you’re being my impromptu legal dictionary, 1-what’s the thing between a felony and a misdemeanor, and 2- the thing that’s worse than felonies?

  2. I don’t know that they are going to do anything to SSDI, but I haven’t looked that closely yet. I DO know they are going to gut Medicaid, which is just as horrible.

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