New Diagnosis For The DSM: Trumpxiety

Trumpxiety: terror and paranoia inducing anxiety at the prospect of being at the mercy of a president with zero compassion for anyone not of his financial and social ilk.

It’s true, and it’s not just me. Many people are petrified of this man, this new leader that we are essentially a prisoner to. I find him a hateful, judgmental  being with zero compassion and considering that is common with sociopaths, as is great financial and career success…It’s akin to the country being lead by Charles Manson.

Just this morning I woke to a email about President Trump having a press conference of some sort “urging Americans to get off Welfare”.

Because most of us love receiving food stamps and disability, it is a great boon for our mental health and self esteem. We definitely do it on purpose and don’t want to do better, be better versions of ourselves.

There is no way a man of such limited emotional quotient will grasp that. He wants to do away with social security for the elder people, which means for those of us who are truly disabled due to bad coded brains…Our futures are at best,murky, and at worse…doomsday.

Now, I know for one reader this is a triggering topic and if they read this, I am truly sorry if it heightens what anxiety you are already feeling.

But this is a thing, whether we like it or not.

I search my logical side, trying to figure out if I have my own agenda or bias that keeps me from seeing Mr. Trump for his good qualities as opposed to him simply having views I disagree with. I will give him credit for his accomplishments. I salute him wanting to bring jobs back to the U.S.

But then I read an interview about how he thinks “women expect you to grab them by the pussy” when you’re rich and famous…And I am flabbergasted someone so crude and misogynistic could become president. Sure, we all have our views that are less than popular but to put it out there as if it’s some point of pride…Disgusting.

And no doubt it only applies to young and thin pretty women, for we all know his diatribes against Rosie ‘O Donnel, based not on her being loud or opinionated, but attacked for her weight and looks.

Again, how did this man become President? It’s like electing the school bully as a peer counselor.

And the people he has chosen for his cabinet, including an alleged white supremacist linked Bannon, boggles the mind of even the most limited of intelligence. The vice president Pence is less progressive than cavemen and would just as soon women were relegated to making babies and serving men supper for we are lesser beings.

I could be wrong.

I don’t think I am.

Trump promised the truth about 9/11, he promised more investigation into the potentially corrupt activities of the Clintons…

Yet what does he do?

Turns transgender bathrooms into the topic de jour and undoes the progress Obama did manage to make (little as it was.) Are we really such a myopic and ignorant nation that what genitalia you possess and what bathroom you are legall entitled to use outweigh the great sum of way more important issues that need to be addressed?

The vapidity of this makes me ashamed to be American, ashamed to be human.

Now, if you follow me at all, you are aware that my close friend R is a Trump Crumpet and I am constantly subject to his pompom waving about the man’s greatness and how I am too ignorant to “get it” and I am falling for the “fake news”. I actually do research multiple sources and news sites to ensure I am being fed consistent information. I base my opinions on that.

Some people are just too stubborn to admit perhaps they backed a lame horse.

It is my true hope that Mr. Trump, our president, can bring back what made this country beautiful in the first place. But with that comes keeping the rights and certain laws that were fought for year after year, including the right to choose whether to have an abortion. Progress is far more convincing for me than sliding backwards to times of sixty years ago. There’s this underlying fear I have that he might even be segregation back, only instead of it being limited to races he finds inferior, he will throw in people under a certain income, or anyone who takes anti depressants.

Is this illogical? Only time will tell. I just know bias and prejudice run deep in a person of his age and his immense financial means. He has zero compassion or empathy for what mentally disabled people have to suffer through just to exist.

Thus Trumpxiety is truly a condition that needs to be added to the DSM, even if under a different term.

Mentally disabled people are not lazy. We are not “content” to “be on the dole”. We are just trying to survive best we can. Scarier than any depression, manic binge, or anxiety attack…is a leader who looks down on pretty much every segment that is not of his ilk.

He is not a President for the people of this country.

He is a threat to the values of this country that he claims to want to bring back.

That scares me shitless. Let the haters comment. Let the tin foil hate wearing comments come.

I want President Trump to prove me very wrong.

Unfortunately…It’s not looking like that will happen.

One Response to “New Diagnosis For The DSM: Trumpxiety”

  1. I couldn’t have said that better.

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