Words Escaping Jumbled Mind Prison…Pics instead

I’ve been waiting for the sun, moon, and stars to align and grant me the focus and words to post for days now. It’s not happening which pisses me off even more. So what are you gonna do with a corrupted brain file?

Work around it, of course.

So after a year of completely ignoring my gray laden black hair I finally got the “giddy up and go” to slap on some black base, make the gray go away.

Then I saw the box of Splat that’s been in the cabinet since January of last year and…I was too exhausted to contemplate the bleaching process.

Then one day I just did it. Of course, my plan to finish with actual color (other than bleached out orange) was thwarted when R showed up decrying his latest bickerage with the missus.

Yeah, I did go out in public like this.

pre-splatYeah, yeah orange is not my color.

Then I hit a day where I got the energy to use the Splat Crimson Obsession Color, AFTER hacking off my below chest length hair to just under my chin cos…8 years, same hair style, killing me with boredom.

0209171111-00(Hard to smile and take selfie with crap ass flip phone, sorry for the grrrrr look.)

Frankly, I LOVE the cut and marbling color of black and crimson. All anyone can say is OH GOD YOU CUT OFF YOUR HAIR. Look at it, tho, it’s all interesting and pretty now. I started dyeing my hair flat black the moment I got preggo with Spook cos the color is kinda hard to maintain but considering I cut my own hair, paid a buck for base black, color and got the Splat for under ten bucks…It wasn’t too costly and while sure, more work than a depressive mind wants to do…I like it. Fuck you if you don’t.

Then I got to thinking all nostalgic about how little I have kept over the years between manic and depressive binges, thus ensuring little pieces of memory and history are gone. EXCEPT this one keychain my friend got me when I was 16. How I managed to keep it so long amazes even me, but it always makes me smile. I EARNED that title, damnit.

0210171713-00(And that doughboy my sis just got me this past Christmas, I just kinda got a thing for his giggle, weird is my thing.)

Then today I came home to a box on my step, a belated birthday gift from a reader/friend and I found this AWESOME pill box, amongst other coolio stuff for my and my spawn.

0210171709-00OMG, S, meds of madness, I LURRVE you…Already stocked it with Xanax a plenty.

And I am gonna color in a page of the beauty of darkness adult coloring book and post it, cos…my bat is gonna be the darkest most boooti-ful creature of nightmares, ever.

So while a week of ups and downs and my brain just refusing to give me proper words to properly post…Maybe I summed it up with this pic post.

What I have taken away from this past week is that…1.) Wellbutrin is working and well, but it makes me sleepy as hell if I take it with other meds thus making me nap and feel guilty…2.) Trips down memory lane aren’t always awful even if your best friend considered you a  bitch goddess. (Coulda been like a bitch skullery maid or something.)

And 3.)  Whether in the flesh or on line, sometimes a well written note/card at just the time you need to be reminded you’re kicking as much ass as you can and need to stop beating yourself up…is the best gift one can receive.



2 Responses to “Words Escaping Jumbled Mind Prison…Pics instead”

  1. LOVE your hair!!!!! Wish I had the balls. I want to do mine purple.

  2. *pats face* That is an adorable face.

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