Uninspired so title this for me

(wonderdaze, thank you for the birthday tidings and I was going to send you my email via your comment  but I clicked wrong and now I can’t find the comment, ega.  it’s manicmurderdoll@gmail.com)

Fog has lifted a bit. I still napped this morning because I slept so poorly last night. Naps lead to me feeling slothful but I guess if the brain and body need more rest…

To clarify for those who were guilted…When I recently remarked how disappointed I was by a lack of birthday text or email, I was not referring to any specific tribe member. I was referencing people I’ve known 15 plus years who love to claim to be my friend and call on me when they need something yet can’t take ten seconds to remember me on my birthday. It’s less me being needy and more me having a problem with thoughtlessness and rudeness. If I can count on my on line friends more than the 3 dimensional ones all the psych professionals seem to think enhance my life…well, I am staying behind my computer.

I am still unmotivated.

Having stress stomach aches, though I think that has more to do with my kid;’s constant fussing over her ailment de jour. She has a hangnail, take me to the ER. A splinter, I need the ER. A headache…ER. Jebus she is stressing me out. I try to take a laid back approach to this sort of thing because I don’t want to become some hysterical mom with Googleitis who thinks a mosquito bite is swine flu or some shit then the doctors lock me up for Munchausen by proxy. At the same time, I worry myself sick that what if that tiny little thing is a sign I am missing and I could be harming her by being so laid back? GRRRR.

Also weighing one my mind is my shrink appt next week during which he will ask why I haven’t gone to join those  borderline support groups and let’s face it…If I confide in him my real fears, about the lack of privacy and the way R’s daughter views clients as “that bitch”…he’s going to side with professional with no mental history and I am gonna look like a paranoid freak. And in this tiny town even an anonymous complaint would come back to me…I feel trapped.

On the plus side…Having heat is a wondermous thing. Not even needing a blanket in the morning, getting dressed without shivering…I haven’t worked up to a shower since Friday but…Oh, and for the first time ever (in part to the Liheap grant) my power bill for the month is under $130.

What petrifies me is next  month, which will be due in March…Right at the same time I will need $105 to put a sticker on my car.

So much for a short post.

Anyway…that’s where I am today. I will leave you with this wonderful Medusa portrait my daughter drew for me.

medusasteinbieIt’s never too early to teach about Greek gods, right?


2 Responses to “Uninspired so title this for me”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! ❤

  2. Nope, never too early to teach about Greek gods. Good job on Medusa, Spook! (Ps-i still feel like an ass) ❣really wish that was a black heart for you, because 50 shade of black. Love you!

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