And Mother Nature Laughs…

So, for those 4 or 5 people who can stomach reading my posts consistently…You are aware of my week of hell involving the furnace and no heat situation. 3 days of the landlord dispatching the professional H-VAC guys, a $200 motherboard installed (which we had to wait overnight for) and still…No heat. The landlord basically blames me for the motherboards failing as I have bugs and cats and all sorts of things that aren’t his problem. Whatevs.

Wednesday night I swallowed every ounce of pride I had because I was sick of me and my kid wearing gloves indoors. I asked R for help, knowing I will basically become an indentured servant.

Guess what?

R managed to do in ONE HOUR what those professionals couldn’t do in 4 days. He cleaned out the A coil with toothbrushes (I have extras, no worries I am reusing them, eww) and he repaired a loose seal with some silicon that was preventing the vacuum needed for the furnace to work properly and blow out heat.

The next morning I woke, not covered in blankets, yet so toasty warm…and I SMILED. What a wondermous thing. Gives me hope maybe the central air might even work properly this summer since all the duct work was sealed AGAIN.

Of course, as is our arrangement, he helped me and I was dispatched to The Google to look for parts. BUT WE HAVE HEAT!!!

Now for the kicker…

That bitchbeast Mother Nature has decided, after two weeks of below freezing temps, while we had no heat…That today is sunny and 64 degrees. In January. I opened a window and am wearing short sleeves and no socks. Isn’t that a  bitch? Freeze for two weeks, now it warms up outside and we’re overheating. Ha ha ha Mother Nature, you funny.

AND I actually went out for margaritas and Mexican food with R and Mrs R last night. Yes, me, in public, and NOT dreading it. (No I spent the prior six hours trying to figure how to cancel but I didn’t.) I guess the margaritas hit me harder than expected cos they sshhed me a couple of times, I was apparently getting too animated and loud. Which is hard for me to discern even without alcohol because I have a loud voice and being quiet is a hard, conscious effort. Oops. My bad. Social skills lacking.

It was nice, though. Nice to go out (her treat, for my birthday tomorrow) nice not to feel resentful for having to go out, nice to not freak out in a crowded restaurant.  Nice that I didn’t have to drive thus worry about all that rigamarole. And I was home by 8 p.m. thus giving me a little me time while Spook was at my mom’s for the night.

I slept in til 11 this morning. Binged more of season one Murder One. Waited for my kid to call and say she was ready to come home. And I picked her up and she presented me with a gold foil bag with nail polish, a card, a candle, for my birthday. (I gave her the money cos she really wanted to get me a gift, which is cool cos not one member of my family is giving me anything and I get being broke, it’s fine but still…even a cooked meal would be nice cos my sister’s lasagna rocks the casbah. R asked what I wanted, I told him a replacement keyboard for this laptop as some keys are missing and 6 days later…He’s still giving me the runaround on waiting til he figures out which credit card has the lowest balance…Why did ask if you are so broke? Pfft.

Truth be known, I splurged on an external keyboard for my desktop, it has low profile keys and lights up blue so I can see to type in dim light. Happy birthday to me. And frankly…Having heat means the best gift ever.

My mental state is…upsy downsy, and I  blame the recent blight of gray damp weather. And unfortunately, we are looking at another week of low temps and clouds so the seasonal depression will probably return to kick my ass down the street.

For today…My kid is outside playing with her friends and happy. We have food and the necessities we need. The car still runs.  Did I mentioned we have HEAT?

The one dark side that has become consuming over the last few months is…Driving. It makes me a nervous wreck. People won’t put down their cell phones, they don’t pay attention and just backing out of a lot or going to a drive thru sends me into panic and paranoia. I am terrified. It’s like my brain’s processor is so out of date it can’t keep up with the new speed processor society runs at. I used to love driving. Now I dread it.

But there will always be a dark cloud even when the sun is shining. That’s life.

So this is my one shiny happy post for the year, my quota has been met. We will return to our regularly schedule depressive rantfest at any random time.


5 Responses to “And Mother Nature Laughs…”

  1. I read it all. How IS your mood? We are looking up ‘Murder One’ right now. Is it only on HULU?

    I’m really into police procedurals, especially Nordic Noir.
    I’m in a depression after 2 1/2 years of being in remission. Speaking of household crap, Our hot water heater exploded and leaked water all 7 floors down (we are on floor 8) and we worried about people suing us. But it looks like we’ll be ok and the water didn’t cause too much damage.

    • Not sure what site it is on, I am watching dvds. First season was epic, I never even watched season 2. That will be next if I can find it on one of the aps on our smart tv.
      I don’t even wanna chance mentioning the stuff that has gone right and not needed repair. Every time I do, karma bites my ass and shit breaks. Nope.
      My mood is ok, at this moment. My daughter was given a dollar for putting a cart back for some random woman at the store and she chose to spend it on a “birthday girl” ribbon for me to wear today and tomorrow (22nd is my bday). Means sooo much she thought of me.
      How can that not cheer up even to the most cynical?

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Can you send me your email address?

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