LIKE This Post Or A Puppy Will Get A Tumor

So…for once I am not gonna rant or wax philosophical about mental health issues.

Today I want to address how we, as human beings, have been reduced to vapid “like” clicking social media mongers.

I want to point out all of the wonderful posts and articles on the web that are heartfelt, humorous, intelligent…And are lucky to get five likes, let alone the luxury of a comment.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been INFURIATED  by seeing such good posts, so well written, yet so ignored. Meanwhile some jackass posts a picture of their penis shaped pancake and gets 300 likes. Or some guy with thousands of followers who claims to understand depression yet basically shoves “suck it up” down your throat…And people clamor to click like, comment, and even promote that blog on their own pages.

Blinding hot rage fills my veins. Not out of jealousy. Out of disgust that such inanity passes for “good content”.

This has been brewing for months with me but came to a head last week. After weeks of R posting to Facebook all these brilliant historical quotes (albeit meant to bolster Trump) and receiving maybe five likes or comments…

One day his buddy takes a picture of R sitting on the step smoking a cigarette and looking up parts on his phone. By the next day, it has over 25 likes. OF A PICTURE OF SOMEONE USING A SMART PHONE.

Because ya know, omg, that is such an abnormality in this day and age where smart phones have become an extra appendage.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a click of the “like” button, but I am writing from the heart here, pouring out my soul, sharing my weaknesses. I EARN that like for putting forth the effort to be honest. I honestly wish I’d get more comments because feedback is the only way I know whether my writing is resonating or not.

Lazy America (sans though simply too shy or whatever to do more than click like) just read a few lines, click like, and move along. I have over 700 alleged followers and average maybe 7 likes a day, two comments if I am lucky.

But allow me to post a picture of my phallic shaped potato I have in the kitchen and I could go viral.

Does this make any sense to anyone with a working brain?

People are fickle and shallow at times. And technology has made it worse. I hate someone coming over to my house allegedly for a movie then spending the entire time on their damned smart phone.

INANITY is worse than INSANITY.

So please…If you do indeed like my writing and it resonates…Click that like button. Comment because ya know, those rumors about me eating the souls of infants therefore being too scary to converse with are blown out of proportion.

Like this post or puppies will get tumors.

Nah. I love puppies.

Besides. I am fairly sure most of America already has tumors from liking pictures of vegetables shaped like body parts. What else could explain such…vapidity?

This post was approved by Morgue and she stands by it 100% percent. Go Tweet what a wacko I am.

Far be it for me to risk puppies getting tumors.



8 Responses to “LIKE This Post Or A Puppy Will Get A Tumor”

  1. It always strikes me as weird whenever I post content that I think is meaningful and took a lot of courage to write and then I get one or two likes. I can’t tell if people are laughing at me and that’s the value of my blog or they are following me on my journey and truly want me to be happy. I’m hoping the latter. I comment when I have something to say otherwise I’ll read and move on. I never like someone’s page without reading it. That’s the worst! Talk about lazy Americans!

    • A like and a comment? You just spared a puppy and a pegacorn from a wing tumor!
      My thing is, writing is all I have ever been remotely good at. When I pour out my soul and see some idget getting 100 likes for a three sentence post on something about their diet…Yeah, it irks. Content should matter but it really doesn’t these days. Sad.

  2. I’m always shocked when I read something powerful and see little to no likes or comments. Especially comments. I came to WordPress to get out what I was feeling. I had the hope that I could help just one person by sharing my story and my struggles. And then it evolved into something more. I began having conversations. And now, I crave that. But, it is definitely hard when you pour out your heart and soul and you receive nothing in return. When you realize that the conversation you were trying to start, won’t start. It’s so frustrating.

    I love your writing Morgue. I love how open and honest you are on your blog, because I suspect that you are much more guarded in your offline life. I’ll always be here commenting!

  3. I used to get so upset about this, but now I think (given that my writing blog with the adult content has no likes/comments at all, but thousands of views a day and my books seem to be selling ok when I find time to write them) that sometimes people are scared to like/comment on stuff that fits them, resonates or is profound because they’re worried people will see that they have the same thoughts/feelings/issues. I think other people honestly don’t know what to say. When my meds are too high I can’t think of what to say to people. Then there’s the people who always mean to do it but forget (like me) then (in my case) feel guilty as all fuck and it’s super-awkward. This is what I tell myself when my “face cream review!!!” or “photography!!” fluff posts get lots of likes and my bipolar rant posts don’t even get a single like or comment sometimes. So now I write more fluff and less serious stuff because I can’t be bothered putting my feelings into words and getting no closure all the time.

    • I have a separate blog for fluff content I haven’t touched in ages. It didn’t get much notice either but then, I don’t use social media to scream LOOK AT ME.
      wordpress makes me happy, at least I have formed some friendships that matter here.

  4. Do you serve phallic potatoes sliced au gratin, cubed, mashed or baked? (insert obligatory cream sauce joke) Oh, and which baby soul tastes like chicken or pork? That would (au) pair well with a white wine. I guess beefy baby souls would work well with a burgundy… Can I come for dinner next time you pick one up? I’ll bring some dessert over. Pecan bourbon caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream sounds pretty good, right out of the “soul food” cookbook. 😉 The puppy can have the leftovers.

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