Fuck Knuckles

Two good days, two blah days (likely not helped by the wet gloomy weather). Today I woke up and immediately was besieged with sinus drainage that kept me coughing and choking. All the while my spawn kept asking what was wrong. Cos ya know when you’re choking on sinus fluid, THAT isn’t self explanatory at all. I HATE this newfound sinus problem I didn’t have in my younger years. If this is a peek at my future aging process…Z Whack me already.

Fuck knuckle old age ailments.

So today started out gloomy and cold and I figured it’d be one of those “I feel like a loser but can’t get out of bed” days. Instead...I went a little hypomanic and got a few things done, fixed a problem at the shop that got the texting chihuahua off my ankles, cleaned up my kid’s room somewhat, I washed dishes (ya know, by the the third time of rinsing off a fork when you need a clean one, it’s kinda time) and I ran errands for R to earn smokes. Got the kid homeworked and fed (leftover spaghetti made it easy) and now…I’ve caught up on all  my shows, am pissed off cos the fuck knuckle world series means no new Empire for awhile, and I am hoping the support check comes tomorrow cause I am down to my last trash bag.

But the brain behaved, in a way where numerous times, I thought, wow, I feel GOOD. Not ecstatic or whirlwind productive, but just…Good. Sun out, cool breeze, good for mental state. Sucky for watching stuff on an LCD screen cos the glare is horrendous.

I’ve had a few good days and already feel like my freak out in demanding an earlier appt with the shrink was idiotic. But I know how fast the tumble and crash comes on, so a preemptive strike is not idiotic at all. It amazes me how a few good mental health days can make me forget for the most part that my brain is a pain in the ass and I almost convince myself I am normal, this is IT,I am cured.

If only.

But no boohooing. That will come soon enough, no doubt.


Clown lives really aren’t a big political issue as most of them are killer clowns so this whole “clown lives matter” thing is pretty fucking stupid.

And people mock the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Not nearly as freaky as clowns.



3 Responses to “Fuck Knuckles”

  1. Texting Chihuahua….hee hee hee.

  2. I loved “texting chihuahua” also! I’m glad you’ve have a couple of good days. You certainly deserve them. And a preemptive strike at the shrink is a good plan. Yes, you have a couple good days and that’s fantastic, but you’ve had some really hard ones in there, too. You probably could get something tweaked. I hate going to my shrink. I will tell her that my anxiety is really bad and she’ll say “what do you mean by that?”. Really?? Don’t you know what anxiety feels like? Haven’t I been coming here long enough that you know that I know what anxiety is? Fuck.

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