So after a couple of downish days and high anxiety (kid was home for four days along with her crew)…Today was amazing. No lottery winnings, no magical weight loss or cure for what ails me…But my brain behaved, anxiety was manageable with only 1 mg Xanax. I ran a couple of long needed errands, FINALLY decorated the outside of the house for Halloween, and folded five baskets of laundry.

I didn’t even truly get agitated until I went to pick her up and traffic pissed me off, then her bickering with her friends got on my last nerve. Followed by R texting me senseless about a needed TV piece that I threw out because 99.9% of the time, he removes that piece and tells me to  get rid of the board instead of bringing it back to the shop.  What do I get for listening? A week of incessant “it HAS to be out there!” Um, no. I talked to the manufacturer personally as well as their licensed parts sales site and it is NOT available  because it and its replacement part number are disc0ntinued. Nada on any used sites, either. Still, he’s pissed at me and nagging for the pegacorn.

He fucked up as much as I did by leaving that part on.

But it falls on me. Always the fuck up.

Whatever. I had a good mental health day, nothing went awry too much…I even watched a kick ass movie called American Ultra and I have the damnest time focusing on movies so it had to be awesome.

Spawn is bedded. All is quietish. Aside from the early morning lethargy, I mean. God, I am dragging ass before ten a.m. I have to set two alarms, one with its own ringtone, one for snooze in 15 min intervals, the other with 5 minute intervals, that way I know when it’s gone off twice in ten minutes and I am annoyed as hell..Time to drag ass out of bed and pretend to be diurnal. Which really isn’t that big an issue during summer, so splain that to me professionals.

I’m gonna take the ultra win and hope I am on a roll.


4 Responses to “Ultra”

  1. And here is your Sacred Pegacorn winnings for a well behaved brain day.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good day!!!!

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