Confrontation And Child’s Play

So…I was going along, having an okay day…

Then I kept hearing the crunch of gravel and pings outside my window.

Tried to ignore. Couldn’t.

It was 2 of the kids two doors down who moved in a couple of months back. I told them not to throw rocks at my house because we don’t bother them. At which point they said it wasn’t them, it was their big sister throwing rocks at my cats.

Then this 13 yearish old girl appears and declares she hates black cats so yes, she threw rocks at them cos they scare her.

My cats were in MY yard, not causing a single problem.

I told all three, in no uncertain terms, that this is animal abuse and I will NOT tolerate it. I made it clear I would turn them in to the landlord, animal cruelty society, and that is is a crime to abuse animals,especially those in their own yard causing no threat to you.

They left and my anxiety rose, distracting me to panic. Last time I called a neighbor kid on their shit behavior, the mother accosted me at my door and told me I had no right to talk to her son *that way*. In all fairness, I told ALL the kids that day if they couldn’t get along, they needed to go home. But she played the racist card and said I only said that to her son cos he’s black.

I am the least bigoted person on the planet so hell yeah, I took offense. No white parents came barreling at me to complain for saying the same thing to their misbehaving kids.

Now three years later, I am still scarred because apparently, if the child is not white, I am a racist and bigot.

I don’t give a damn if you are a leper with stripes…Harming animals is uncool.

I even saw that same girl poking at a dead squirrel yesterday then she spit green popsicle on it and tossed it back in the weeds. I’m sorry, but that behavior would disturb me even from a fully sane white person with a college degree.

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, fuck skin color.

On animal cruelty, I give no one any slack because it is plain wrong. Even animal corpses deserve a modicum of respect.

So…anyone want to weigh in on this matter, help me gain some perspective? Am I racist? Cowardly? Just a victim of panic and confrontation issues????

Not to be anti social or a pessimist…But MOST of my issues arise the moment I look out my window. Why can’t people just leave me, and my kid and cats, alone????

Are my standards too high?

Fuck that. 13 is old enough to know even something scares you, you don’t throw rocks at it. If that were the case, I’d be throwing boulders at the dog next door for its incessant barking. But I don’t. Not because I am an adult. Because I am a human being with regard for life in all forms.

Proof being that Nightshade brought me a grass hopper the other day to prove what an excellent feline huntress she is and I got the insect and set it free outside, sparing its life.

And now my kid says the trailer park’s killer clowns are on the loose again (third time this week) so I am gonna go Z Whack some clowns.

If you consider them human, you’re more insane than I am. 😉


2 Responses to “Confrontation And Child’s Play”

  1. I hate cruelty to animals and skin color doesn’t have a thing to do with it.

  2. Throwing rocks at a cat?????!! I would have gone batshit crazy on those kids AND their parents, so in my estimation you exercised great control. I had an old lady many many many years ago threaten to poison my cat. I went all sorts of crazy on her AND I called the SPCA so that they were aware of the situation. No, you were more then justified and calmer then I would have been.

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