Attempt At Being Human

So in spite of a bitch of a time getting to sleep last night, let alone being wakened multiple times by my child…

After yesterday’s bad luck, near narcolepsy, and having pissed off R…

I am out of bed, dressed, and I even put on some make up. So, voila, my attempt at looking like a living human rather than living dead girl

1004160904-00Fail? Maybe.

I am trying. Which means I am cured, right?

Ha ha ha ha.

I have to fall on my sword and go serve time being R’s fetcher. Then Spook as a dental appointment after school in  that small town 30 miles away. It’s gonna be a long day, and many hours outside my safe zone…Maybe eyeliner and Xanax will be my super power to get me through it.

So the professionals tell me. Take care of yourself, groom well, you will feel better.

And then I hit the dish, anxiety skyrockets, moods shift.

Out of bed and dressed. Small victories.


2 Responses to “Attempt At Being Human”

  1. Morgue you look beautiful! I wish you were smiling although the patriarchy would want that so make whatever face you want. Your makeup looks great and it’s so cool finally putting a face to the name!!! I call the attempt successful and give anyone who says anything else a swift punch to the throat. Carry on my dear.

  2. heatherruark Says:

    Bwahahahaha…cured. You’re funny. And very, very very cute with your half smile lip curl going on.

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