I really don’t want to post in light of learning of Blah’s death. But since the tears have temporarily stopped (I’m hormonal and crying uncontrollably over TV shows even)…I think Blah recognized the importance of venting and getting this garbage out of our heads. I believe she would encourage me to post anyway. Or tell me to get impaled by one of my pegacorns. Bipolar, ya know. (God, I miss her words already.)


My kid was sent home from school Friday. They found lice nits in her hair. For fuck’s sake, the kid is a louse magnet. Thus began my weekend of treating her and myself (I splurged and bought the homeopathic spray in), washing all the bedding, vacuuming, nit picking. Literally. And whatever glue those fuckers attach their eggs with should be patented because it’s better than super glue. The combs were useless on most. So I got a can of pink sheen and tweezers and hour after hour we sat while I slid nits off a zillion hair strands. Guess what? The pink sheen works wonders as it’s a hair conditioning oil. Fuckers slide right out. But the biggest pain is that my kid has such bad dandruff, it’s difficult to tell what is a tiny nit or piece of flaked scalp.

When we were all treated…I took her out to lunch at Dairy Queen. Then the real hell began for it was a long weekend and the friends descended like locusts. Bickering, demanding food, stealing stuff…GRRR. I should have just declared her still infested and off limits but then that just sets her off and she becomes a tyrant.

Piddly ass problems, I am sure. Annoying just the same.

I am so stressed and frustrated. The money thing has me at wits’ end. We’re worse off than ever and my own dad wouldn’t even loan me two bucks to put gas in the car to get her to school last week. We don’t have a home phone anymore since my Magicjack expired and I’m too broke to buy the upgraded version to work with wifi. Food…Geesh, my kid says she is hungry every five minutes. Normal for kids, but hard on the budget.

The anxiety has gone off the charts. I’ve noticed when highly stressed, I raise my voice a lot, I panic a lot. Like this morning when I checked her hair before taking her to the school office to be cleared. I found three nits and went spaztic, convinced I’d never be able to pick them all out and get her back in class thus I’d be going to jail…

THIS is why I am looking forward to fall and winter so much. Slower pace. Gets dark earlier so the locusts have to go home. My kid mistakes darkness as bedtime so she will probably be asleep by 7 p.m. I NEED the calm.

Because this weekend sucked. We got new neighbors and they were moving in all weekend, lots of vehicles, slamming doors, barking dogs. All the triggers that make me come unglued.

I am taking my break today. She can play on the wifi thingie, no friends. Free daycare is closed today.

Okay, now that I have purged, I will stop bitching about what are annoyances rather than real problems but the anxiety…is a real problem.

I really, really hope that Blah is at peace now and that she knows…the tribe will never forget her.


8 Responses to “Louse-y”

  1. Do you know what happened?

  2. She really was doing everything she could. I didn’t know until I saw Jill’s post and then your’s. Fuck

  3. So sorry to hear about blah. May she rest in peace. God bless her and all that knew her.

  4. I love you, Niki. I didn’t *need* to say it, but I need to say it. I just want you to know.~Deon

  5. My hair is my biggest point of vanity, and one of my favourite toys. When Smalls rolled up with lice, I tried to fob it off on my husband because the little fuckers love me. I ended up having to do it, but luckily, didn’t get it. I think if I did I would have to shave my head and like… ugh. Nope.

    I need to try to find words to express how I feel about blah’s passing as well. I’m just like… *waves hands* Gap in my tiny black heart, etc.

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