Trained Seal

It’s bad enough to have to wear the mental health mask daily. Lately, I have received comments or indications that make me feel like I should keep the mask in place even on this blog. I know, I know, it’s all in my head, I mistake optimism for pressure, blah blah. Gotta say, though, no matter how well meaning…if someone comments something to the extent of “positive post for a change”…

NOT fucking helpful.

And…fuck you.

This blog is a mask free zone. NOPE. This is where I get to be me. The real me, the me the world out there can’t accept because OMG displays of emotion are bad enough but not being able to control your own moods and anxieties, you menace to society!

I guess this would be one of my personality flaws. I get a comment or two in a year that makes me irked and never  mind the dozen comments that felt nurturing..My stupid brain will fixate on the one that made me feel mad.

Still…my blog, my rules. No masks. No filters. No censorship.

So later I am going to write a long rant about all the inane yet sanity challenging crap I am dealing with. There will be no mindfulness, no effort at optimism, no attempt to place blame on myself because I have feelings and am being honest.

You have been warned and you know where to click to navigate away from this mask free zone.

Except for October, then I encourage everyone to visit this page and we can all wear our masks. I got dibbs on Pinhead.


7 Responses to “Trained Seal”

  1. Eff bombs to anyone trying to censor you. One of the reasons I love you and your blog is that you are brutally real. ❤

  2. It’s annoying when you know that it’s in your head. Could be worse, you could be in a unit. Join me!

  3. Ditto, I feel the same way you do. Leave our masks off on here!

  4. Shit, fuckers, hate the world, resent the hell out of most people I know and want to kill myself painfully slow to ‘feel’ something other than constant rage
    After drinking all three bottles of vodka in my fridge to see if substance abuse is any better, maybe a bit of self harm to actualise my true emotional basis
    So fuck happy shit and where’s the nearest cliff I can drive off, go in style!

    Mask back on; Hello, I’m a happy merry person, look at me smile (WARNING: MY SMILE MIGHT RESULT IN FEAR, HORROR OR TWISTED LOOKS, BEST VIEWED WITH EYES CLOSED)

    If you ever put the mask on with this blog, I’ll call the mental health people and tell them to prepare for hell on earth when you snap
    But save me ring side tickets when you do!

  5. Fuck the critics. Do what you want.

  6. Your blog = your rules. We all have to have somewhere where we take off that mask. This is your place and you keep going!

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