I Interrupt This Mental Health Blog For…a political statement

I was wakened this morning by a text from my friend R with what was supposed to be a humorous yet disparaging comment about the recent leak of info that occurred to Nancy Pelosi and other politicians.

Reading what happened with this leak (leaked on a wordpress blog, no less, how soon before the hatemongers and idgets rob us of our safe haven here) made me even less amused with my friend. For months he has clobbered me with his pro-Trump, “Hillary is Satan” views. To the point of calling me a moron, telling me I have my head up my ass, am uninformed, am duped by mass media…


What I am is a person who does not believe in hate. I don’t believe in spreading it. I don’t believe in fanning the flames. Both sides of this Presidential race have their flaws, their corruptions, their utterly reprehensible behaviors and views…I simply won’t sink to their level and declare all Republicans evil or all democrats the devil. I won’t endorse building a wall to keep out “foreigners” nor will I say I am enthused with how the email scandal with Hillary was handled.

I simply won’t be reduced to a cog in the hate machine.

Me beliefs are what my guide me. I believe in choice. Freedom. The right to stand behind what resonates with me. Until this current election, my differing views have  never caused my friend R to belittle me.

What does that say about the theme of the Republican faction? Filled with so much hate it can turn friend against friend.

I am not calling for anyone to vote either way.

I am imploring that every one make their own educated choices on what to vote for, what to stand for, and please…


Leaks, privacy invasions, putting at risk undercover operatives, wearing t-shirts with hateful messages, inciting violence…

This is not patriotism. This is not political. This is setting us back as a people to little more than cavemen.

You can believe in something without allowing it to transform you into a hatemongering, cruel husk of a human.

That is all that I will be saying.

Hatred simply is not patriotic no matter what faction is spewing it.



7 Responses to “I Interrupt This Mental Health Blog For…a political statement”

  1. (sternly argumentative tone) I love you but I beg to differ: my beliefs are as strong as the next person and I’ve already told everyone I hate everyone. Wait. Well, maybe not “everyone.” I’m convinced that anything they mention on the news more than twice is not worth the second report, and might not have been worth the first one. Hope you’re having an otherwise good day. Otherwise, attack it with barbed-wire anthrax dipped sporks and flaming z-whackers. If nothing else, you might make the evening news worth watching.

    • I’ve been a hate-mongering cruel husk for a long time, it’s just the most comfortable husk-y suit I own.

      • Difference is, you and I hate equally and give individuals a chance to not be idgets before we judge. Mainstream, the hate is being spewed toward specific groups, such as those with mental illness.

        You will never be that much of a monster even if you aspire to be, Mr. M.

        On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Damn, I’ll have to work harder at it then. I have a bad reputation as an uber-conservative Bible-thumping hate-monger to maintain, after all. 😉

  2. Well written Morgue!!! You’re 100% right in my opinion

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