Yes, I am bitching about the format again because this blinding white page with the peacock blue topper is making me feel snowblind and also giving me flashbacks to Mimi’s eye shadow from Drew Carey Show. FOR THE LOVE OF PEGACORN CAN SOMEONE FIND ME THE CHARCOAL/WHITE TEMPLATE? (And yes, Tessa, the link did take me to the charcoal admin page but clicking new post just brings me right back to this blight of a website design.)

So…A lot of shit has happened in the last week. Lots of shitty things as well as some kind acts of generosity that I will never be able to express enough gratitude for.

Tonight, I am battling depression, exhaustion, and a complete “stuck in mud” mental space.  Maybe it’s all the hours of mayo covering hair, followed by rinsing, then combing, then flat ironing, then combing, then combing, then all the laundry and vacuuming (leave it to me to keep alive the one that doesn’t have a way to detach or use a hose on the furniture.) Nothing horrible happened today.  But I feel as if there is zero hope out there and I can’t figure it out.

Maybe I should review the past week’s suckage and have you guys tell me if maybe I am entitled to be exhausted and down. I mean, the death of the computers was te start. The Asus lost wifi and started making unhealthy noise. The Dell was never updated to SP 2 and 3 so it won’t connect. My busted screen Toshiba I had as a back up…Nope, it overheated and died. Why? Because I trusted a $12 Wal-Mart cooling fan under it and well…fuck a bag. From there..

1.) Last Thursday we had to make a trip to Wal-Mart. HAD TO. I was filled with dread from the word go. The longer it took me to find things and the more I had to listen to my flip flopped kid tromp along…it turned into panic. Panic became anger when it took a half hour to find where the garlic mashed taters were and of course…NO ONE around to help. That outing took a lot out of me.

2.) Friday…I spent the day home, waiting for UPS to bring my kid’s bday gift. Toward two p.m. I was getting irate and stepped outside…only to find the white UPS “missed delivery” note was stuck to the white trailer about six feet up. No delivery til next business day. I went batshit. I called UPS, they said come to the office to get it. We went…and they told us no, the driver’s out for 20 minutes, come back…We came back 45 mins later…driver was at the gas station, another 20 minutes or so. At that point I wanted to throat punch UPS, the Amazon jackass seller who demanded a signature without telling but, oh, they’re not gonna refund my $15 expedited shipping even if I did end up wasting half my time fetching it myself. GRRRR.

3.)  Sunday…our kitten Pudding died. I didn’t want to ruin Spook’s birthday so I kept my grief in. I went to cook the chicken for her dinner…Only to find out three hours later, I got a bad chicken. I called my mom to ask if maybe we could do hamsteak or pizza instead…She started screaming at me about roommate can’t eat this, so and so doesn’t like that. She basically demanded I go buy a new chicken and continue with that plan. She had a fucking tantrum and screamed at me. And people wonder why I hate family shindigs.

4.) I got through Spook’s birthday but then I was accused of being anti social by dad and his idget crew. I wanted to scream MY KITTY DIED IN SPITE OF ME DOING EVERYTHING I COULD, EXCUSE ME FOR BEING DOWN!

5.) LICE. Found by my mother. After I suffered 4 hours at the shop with R’s Trump rhetoric being shoved down my throat. He even called me a moron and said I need to get my head out of my ass.

So…what ya think? Would none of this stick to you? Cos if not…Send me whatever Teflon coating you’re using. I need it.



  1. Well to give a Bible-ish response, you could use the “if you’re going to help me with the sliver in my eye, get the tree out of your own eye first” verse, and my brain immediately translated it in your circumstance to “if you’re going to help me get my head out of my ass, first you’ll have to remove yours from your small intestine.” FFS do they even realize how shitty they are to you? Strike that. My family has no clue sometimes. Sorry. Oh and wth is a “bad chicken?” My brain does not compute that, b/c any fried chicken is a good chicken. I even eat the roasted kinds. Sorry about the UPS fuckers, sorry about your family fuckers, and mostly, sorry to hear about Pudding. That really sucks.

    I asked wordpress about the setting thing. No response yet. I’ll let you know if they respond unless one of our other helpful bloggers knows and says something first.

    When the family says and does mean things to you, I say, fuck ’em all, I would have hung up on her ass and done my own thing You want to celebrate with us, then You come to US and be nice, FFS, or you can fucking go home. I told Mrs M and the kids who went away for the weekend to go back away when she asked me what was burning (after I cooked a nice dinner for everyone,) Because just fuck you and your you-cant-do-anything-right shit, I’m not putting up with it any more. They ate the nice dinner, which wasn’t burned, and enjoyed it. Or they were afraid to be critical any more, which, either way I’ll take it.

    Good luck. Hope even if you don’t implement, I’ve given you a laugh.

    I love you, dear. You are awesome. I admire your courage and stamina.


    • The chicken was fowl tempered, BAD chicken! Spoiled or freezer burned, definitely did not taste edible. My mom screamed, “How did you manage to buy two spoiled chickens in a row!” Last one I got was two years ago. Woman holds a grudge and collects any wrong doing for later use.

      On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 8:03 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. Sorry about Wal-Mart. Where do you usually grocery shop?

    • Aldi or dollar tree, family dollar, dollar general. Small. Places I can reach an exit quickly.
      But we Had to go to Walmart cos

      they are the only place in town with the frozen wagon wheel meals Spook is gaga for.
      I survived without z whacking anyone.

      • Is that the Kid Fresh brand? Does she only eat the wagon wheels or does she like the other kinds too?

      • Nah, it’s Marie Callendars, buck a box. She is obsessed with those. I even tried recreating with wagon wheel pasta and my own cheese sauce…Nope She wants that brand only. Suckage that it’s affordable, but the mental cost to me is gargantuan. I miss my single days of running out in the dead of night to avoid the dish dwellers but with a little kid…Things aren’t as flexible now.

        On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 10:16 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  3. No, I would say that week would have my anxiety so high that my parents would be lucky that I didn’t take my half finished Z-Whacker to their unprotected heads. It doesn’t matter what so and so wants to eat. It matters what Spook wants to eat. It’s her damn birthday.

    I’m sorry about Pudding Morgue.

  4. Melt down warranted after week from hell. Sorry about Pudding. Though I would have Z Whacked R and Mother dearest, personally. So that part of your constitution is why better in tact than mine. Thank you laptop fairy 💖

  5. Sorry about Pudding and that the link I use to the old one doesn’t seem to be the same as what you are looking for. I was glad to have that rather than use the new editor.

  6. Diane Tharp Says:

    Totally fucking unlike. Unfair! Love you!

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