Thanks to the laptop fairy (who seems to want to remain nameless, which is cool, but we still wanna say THANK YOU…)

I have a functioning laptop and am back on line!

I’d do flipping back flips, if I could. I was soooo lost without my computer. NO, I don’t mean frou-frou stuff, I mean, VENTING FOR THERAPY. This is necessary and healthy.

A looong post will be coming but for today…I am back. I managed 4 hours at the shop to get some smokes, even if his “pro Trump” politics and constant shoving of iphone videos in my face made me want to bash in skulls…

I made it.

I am not okay. ] am under water and keep bobbing my head up for air. Not ideal.




How I wish my kid weren’t a hugger, was not a follower. She is a frigging lice magnet.

Yet we live, we battle.

Personally…I could use a break. I am wiped out.

Unfortunately, until I get her louse free…she is all mine.

40 years I never had lice once.

My kid brings it home 4, 5 times a year.

I need a miniature Z-whacker for lice, obviously.



3 Responses to “It’s….ALIVE!”

  1. Oh wow that sucks about the lice but YAY about the computer!! I don’t know what I would do without mine.

  2. I was always prone to lice growing up. I tried to force my husband to deal with it when Smallhausen came home with it, but he couldn’t see it so I had to. -__- Since I’m the only one in the family that can apparently see it, I guess I’m going bald if I get it. Ugh.

  3. The kids want to hug me. Sometimes. Mrs M, not as much as I’d like. You know Sheldon from Big Bang Theory? Well, Mrs M’s arms, that’s “my spot.” I may have stolen that from a friend. Whatever. All’s fair in love and intellectual property theft. My friend doesn’t care as long as I don’t pass it off as my own. For the record, it’s his idea, if he said it and I copied it. “[He]’s a good [guy. Taught me a lot about blogging.] Loves Jesus, and America too.” Good luck with the lice and hopefully they won’t infest your computer. The tiny, creepy ants like the warmth from mine sometimes, little fuckers. That is the worst, I’m typing and an ant creeps across my hand or my wrist.

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