Deviation is BAD for mental health

I had wanted to do a long ranty post about the last two days. Since Mediacom is being a dick and giving “now ya see it,now ya don’t” service….(to the point it even impacted school registration)….I am gonna do a brief post, lest my brain implode from life’s deviations and it’s pressures.

Know what is worse than a bad mental health day?

A bad mental health day with no internet.

The last two days have been infuriating. Like, brain exiting the skull infuriating.

I am mindful that I am hormonal thus more prone to quick anger and irritation.

Does not change the fact that certain things are supposed to go a certain way. The world wants ME to behave consecutively in spite of my disorder. I expect the same.

I am repeatedly reminded I am in the wrong.

Every fiber of my being wants to scream FUUUCKKK YOU!

Is that mature and logical?

Probably not.

Still…I( RELATE. An adage told to me when I was but 13 was…”fuck ’em ad feed ’em to the fish”.

Accurate? Nah. Rude? Hells, yeah.

No less true.

I am all for “rules” that protect us all from being murdered based on eye color, hair color, religious affiliation..


when it denies American citizens of their legal rights, old or “new”.

I am aware this point of view makes me a “problem child”.

I just don’t give a flying, leaping cartwheel.

Castigate me. Dismiss me.

I stand by what I believe.

Some inform me this makes me “courageous”.

Personally…I think it makes me…




One Response to “Deviation is BAD for mental health”

  1. Oh Morgue am so sorry things are not going well. My internet is working great, but my computer needs to be smashed in the driveway. I agree with you about our rights though. No one should ever be allowed to take away anyone’s rights for any reason

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