A cry for help

Normal is out there

A dear old friend of mine is in Trouble.  Capital T.

I brought her plight here, to my wonderful followers, because she is also bipolar.

She is about to lose her home.  And, if she loses her home, she will also have to give her kids to her ex-husband, because she won’t have anywhere to live.

See, she was unemployed for almost a year.  Through no fault of her own.  And since then she has only been able to secure work at a temp job.

And even though she’s working, the mortgage company won’t work with her, because they don’t like the type of employment she has.  In my opinion, that is very wrong.

A lot of us understand what it’s like to be talked down to, or outright discriminated against, because we have bipolar.  It’s time to start helping each other.

I know that helping someone else out financially…

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