Happy July Sporkth

It would be arrogant for me to assume only U.S. readers glimpse this blog. Thus I will not be exclusionary by doing the American “4th of July” thing.

However…July SPORKTH is a  holiday we all can celebrate. Cos sporks are awesome, duh!

I am soooo  opposed to banal, meaningless “160 character Twatter” posts. Cos ya know, that’s what Twitter is for. If you have less than X amount of letters…It’s  not a blog post. It’s a Tweet, a status update. It’s not worth its own post, no matter how  much self touting filler is within.

Hate me? Why? Is it because I am mean?  Or because there is a grain of truth here?

YOU twitter bloggers are why I feel entitled to write this utterly pointless post.


Leave all hate mail @ idon’twannabepopularanyway.com


3 Responses to “Happy July Sporkth”

  1. The neighbors just ended the noise, and out the window I saw the lights and it wasn’t all terrible. But I’m glad it’s done. It’s almost 12 and I have to go to work tomorrow. They had fun which I want everyone to be able to do. I am wondering what’s on top of my house and car after the festivities, hoping there aren’t sticks from the rockets up there. I think if the house was going to burn down it’d be smoking already. I had a dream/nightmare last night that a tornado storm came by and only ripped off the corner of my house. And I watched it disintegrate a brick building and a couple homes down the road. And woke up calm. What should I make of that?

  2. heatherruark Says:

    Happy happy happy July Sporkth Morgue!

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