The Effing F Factor

Okay. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and gas was a nickel a gallon…or in depression time, some point a few weeks back…Leslie did a four fun fact post and nominated me to do one too. So…I am gonna do some fucking fun fucking facts factoring in fucking…I really need those ADD meds,  cockweasel insurance company. Grrrr.


Four names people call you other than your name:

Nik, Morgue, Kwee, bitch

4 Jobs I’ve Held

waitress, assistant store manager, retail associate, bartender

4 Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

Airheads, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Friday the 13th Part 6:Jason Lives, The Bone Collector

4 Books or Authors I’d Reccommend

The Outsiders has always been my favorite book so S.E. Hinton…Robin Cook…Patricia Cornwell…Laurell K Hamilton

4 Places Visited

Hollywood, CA, San Diego, CA, Baltimore, MD, Dayton, OH

4 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now

Drinking a Mangorita (times a few), eating lasagna my sister cooked, smoking a REAL cigarette (free evapor’s ok, thank you coupon, but…real deal is better)…and…Um…WRITING MY DAMN VAMPIRE NOVEL.  Cripes, it’s been 9 years and I still can’t get the fucker done.

4 Foods I don’t Like

Only four? Wtf? I hate peppers, red, green, whatevs, they taste and smell like sweat and my body digests them like shards of glass. OUCH.

I don’t do Chinese food. Or Japanese. Or Thai. Or, well, anything more ethnic than a plate of nachos with a pitcher of Margeritas with Mrs. R.

Raspberries. The smell/taste/even candy of that ilk makes me gag.

Broccoli. Nope.

Four Fave Foods

Pizza (MEAT and SHROOMS!)



Beef Jerky

Four Shows I Watch?

That just depends on the season, now, doesn’t it. Mostly repeats during summer. My summer line up is Rizzoli and Isles, Containment, 19-2, and then a new one called American Gothic premiers this month. It might suck. IDK. During fall premiers…my dance card is full. Fuck off. I have too many shows to watch that are way more interesting than any mere mortal. (Too truthful? Meh.)

Four Things Looking Forward to This Year:

Being legally rid of the donor

Being legally rid of the death trap

new season of The Flash


Four things I am always saying…


Bloody hell.

What the fuck.



Most of the time I am as interesting as watching paint dry. But if you like to huff paint, I might be your ideal date.

I’m out. Fuck the fun facts. All I have here is a bucket of FUCKED UP.

I do wear it well.

7 Responses to “The Effing F Factor”

  1. I love huffing paint almost as much as I love broccoli. That shit tastes terrible! And so does the broccoli.

  2. Awesome! You’re much more interesting than watching paint dry. 🙂

  3. See, further proof of your awesomeness. But Duuude!! Mushrooms, really? Shit. Mrs. M likes those too, bleah. I like pizza and I can eat mushrooms, but please, cover those with lots of various bacons, ham, italian sausage, pepperoni and cheese and a steak and four fried chickens and a coke (with some rum) and a bottomless vodka tonic. Or whiskey. Still love you dearly. Bonus, I’ll eat all your peppers. Fuck, I’m clearly as compatible with you as I am Mrs. M, I just found her first, in the late 80s. I hope this year is full of all those good things. I think you deserve everything and more.

  4. Bitch, without a capital B
    Are they trying to disrespect your badass image!

    • I live in the midwest hell mouth full of rednecks so I remain unconvinced they are even familiar with the concept of capitalization.

      On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 6:36 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  5. Hah, Morgue I want your ‘shrooms!!!! ❤ you!

  6. I’m loving the fucking fun facts!!! Thanks for sharing.

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