Indy 500 Brain

My brain won’t stop spinning. It’s on a racetrack speeding around and around and I can’t even get a pit stop to change out the tires. I hate when my brain does this to me, and it’s been happening a lot since insurance quit covering the Focalin. Hopefully the methylphenidate will help but that’s not happening until tomorrow afternoon at the earlier. Or knowing my idiot pharmacy, they won’t have it in stock and I’ll be waiting another day or two. Frick.

I don’t know what to do with myself when my brain is like this. It would fucking fantastic if it manifested as productive hypomania. Instead, I get a hamster on meth rusting its wheel by never ending running. Frustrating doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s maddening. My mind is going ten different directions and yet my body is stuck in a state of inertia. I keep wondering what I did to deserve this mental bullshit. Did I snort sea monkeys as a child? Did playing in the sandbox somehow seep in my skin and turn my brain rancid? Or was it drinking soda with pop rocks?

I loved the show Unsolved Mysteries.

Not so much of a fan when my brain is the unsolved mystery. Frick.

That concludes this brief, inane rant that I just really had to do because my scumbag brain feels like it’s going to spin out so fast it will pop out of my ear. Not that it wouldn’t be kinda cool to put on youtube but…I apparently need this stupid brain to function so in my head it must remain.

Whose Cheerios did I piss in????

8 Responses to “Indy 500 Brain”

  1. I only liked this because of the title since last weekend was the 100th running of the 500. And the pole sitter went 231 mph.
    I’m sorry that you meth hamster is outta control in there. That little asshole meds to be put out of your misery. Hope the new med helps. Back to our regularly scheduled bullshit, right?

  2. That strung out hamster lives here too. Little fucker never calms down. This is when coloring works for me. It’s slightly creative and it requires attention. It’s not remotely productive, but if you’re not gonna be productive anyway you may as well try something to make your brain shut up. Sorry you’re having such a hard time and I hope the new med kicks in fast!

    • I used to color. Before mood stabilizers sucked all the creative juice out of me. Now I just buy crayons and Lisa Frank coloring books which my kid ends up whining until I give in.
      She’s not getting my glitter glue and glittery gel pens, though. I draw the line there.

      • As well you should. Maybe you could get 2 of one book so she can have one and you have one and you could color together.

  3. heatherruark Says:

    Maybe I could send my hamster over to get your hamster and they could go to summer camp together? Tire the little bastards out.

    • For some reason I just flashed on a scene from Hemlock Grove where two of the test rodents were battling to the death.
      I am fairly sure my hamster’s not a cannibal but mood swings…so no promises 😉

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