Ninja Functionality

As usual…I never see it coming. Like a band of ninjas this stuff comes on me…I wish I could see it coming and plan life accordingly.

I was functional-at home-today. I was not feeling the deal-with-the-dish vibe and figured with my lack of sleep the last few days I’d zonk out and sleep…Nope. Instead I found myself working in small increments. I cleaned the bathroom. I did more laundry. I swept the kitchen. I vacuumed the living room and hallway. Cleaned some mirrors. Put some scented oil on.

I even wore proper clothes to go pick up my kid. Of course, it rained and I still looked like a hag. Oh, well.

To my chagrin, after my kid making snotty comments about the house being messy, she comes home and I ask, “Is this any better?” and she says, “I can’t tell a difference.”Β  Just like my mother. No credit where it’s due unless it’s negative.

No matter. I felt good about it. I went on to cook a good supper, my kid read to me, we played Uno, once she went to sleep, I got a shower, and even managed to write ten more pages on my story. I got shit done. Maybe I didn’t go anywhere or deal with anyone without necessity but still…kudos for me. Because after last week’s ninja naps and stomach upset followed by the shark week hell…I was starting to worry about myself being so non functional.

I think all the physical stuff, especially the hormones, just took my energy level down for a week and caused some pain and exhaustion.

It’s always easier to deal with depression and anxiety when your body isn’t being stressed physically. The mental stuff finds its own way to stress you physically so you kinda need all your resources.

For the first time in two weeks…I can go to bed feeling like I didn’t waste the day and waste oxygen. It’s nice. I want more days like this.

Hear that? That’s bipolar depression laughing its ass off at me.

So to end this on a positive note…This is the last living kitten from Nightshade’s litter, the others passed. I present to you…


cleo 5 weeks



17 Responses to “Ninja Functionality”

  1. heatherruark Says:

    Absolutely the most gorgeous kitten ever! AWWWWWW! You gave my heart a happy.

    • Cleo gives me the warm fuzzies but then I feel sad for her because all her siblings died and she is all by herself…Maybe that’s why she sleeps in a basket in my bed at night, I don’t want her to feel so alone. It’s not a good feeling.

  2. She’s beeyootiful

    • Nighstade has had six litters of kittens and Cleo is only the second one to ever survive her lack of maternal instinct.
      I think it helps that I put a basket on my bed for the two of them to sleep in at night. Shade knows I am watching her and I am evil πŸ˜‰

  3. KITTEH CLOEPATRRRRRRA couldn’t help mahself.
    HOO-FUCKING-RAY for little bits of tidiness and a great big FUCK YOU bipolar depression with my middle fingers in the air as you wrote ten pages. *Does the Sass dance* proud of you
    (ps did you take the other lithium dose?)

    • Nope,. did not take. Of course, if I don’t comply and they want a blood draw, I won’t test high so he will say, 1200 is the right dose. If I tell them I cut my own dose, then I am being difficult.
      Fukitol 5000 mg, please.

      • Would you like that via IV or a spot right into your ass?
        And it’s such a sucky double edged sword. Take the meds and be miserable and a doc that doesn’t listen OR don’t take the meds and feel better because the doc doesn’t listen. Fuck that Dr work a barbed wired dildo with no lube. Assfuckery

  4. kid’s opinions. smh. yeah I should take into consideration that it’s shark week (or before, or after) and she wants to feel it and not understand it- I explained how something worked again for my daughter for her homework and she completely blocked everything I said, said I was only making it more confusing, and then went to bed after bitching that I wasn’t helping and she was going to get a bad grade. OK Go to bed, get a bad grade and deal with it later. She’s only one of the two smartest kids I’ve ever seen. She’ll figure it out.

    But housecleaning? 16 and won’t wash a dish or take out the trash or move a vaccuum. She makes jokes about some old man who once said some shit about “woman’s work” vs. “man’s work,” and at the time I informed that was the thinking back in the early to mid 1900s but I do everything so everything is man’s work and Mrs M (says she) does everything so everything is woman’s work, but she still just expects me or Mrs M. to do it. When I was manic for a while I was taking care of the whole fucking house so Mrs M thinks I can “just” keep doing it. So I am with you that life and critical opinions both stink. Don’t listen to the critical spirit. Celebrate you did a hell of a job yesterday and you’re awesome every day.

    • My lovely spawn informed me this morning that I am abusive because I brushed the rats out of her hair and “hurt” her. No matter how many times I explain that sometimes brushing long hair simply hurts…she always cries abuse.
      Sad thing is with the current system that one trigger word is all it takes to create a world of trouble. Sad that I am scared to brush her hair lest I be deemed unfit for detangling causing pain.

  5. Hey! I’m glad you are feeling a little bit better. I’m glad that you feel good about what you accomplished. I think you rocked it!
    That kitten is gorgeous. Oh those beautiful blue eyes! What a love!

  6. Cleopatra is SOOOOOO cute!!! And congrats on getting so much shit done. I find it hard to be motivated to do anything when I don’t have people pushing me. Great job!

  7. A good day
    That fabled entity
    How dare you risk the fabric of time space
    Somewhere in the universe a hole in reality has torn open and swallowed a small planet, or not!

    Take the victory and shove it down life’s throat with Tabasco for kicks, until the nurses sedate you and everything goes to shit again

    The doctor recovered nicely by the way, the nurses were relatively gentle to boot and it’s only when you take out a bottle of tobassco in therapy you have fun!

  8. Ninja Gutter Ferrets!!! Watch out, ain’t like yer normal ‘I love ya my lil weasel cousins’, (*I had 5 {ferrets} at various times in my life – love em!) These FUCKERS are pure NINJAS as you implied. Ninja Gutter ferret ass weasels! !! Watch yer back, & yer front, & may wanna look both ways to make sure they don’t godzilla ya! OK, I make NO sense what so ever πŸ™‚

  9. Fuckin Ninja Gutter Ferrets (NGFs) are dangerous – leather jackets, semi autos, switch blades, bandannas, beer & weed (vapes for the inexperienced F~offs) DON’T BE STUPID, DON’T FUCK WITH EM! !!

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