Anxiety Meds Do Nada For Panxiety

I have no idea why but today my panxiety is in high gear. Paranoia, anxiety, crawling skin, twisted stomach…Sense of foreboding…

I took a Xanax.

It’s done fuck all.

I feel like I have that target on me and everyone is packing a gun.

Adding to it is the fact that the power company is installing new meters and they’ve got my yard full of multi colored flags and spray paint, warning me they’re coming…but I don’t know when. I hate knocks on the door. I hate strange people around my safe place. It’s necessary, I have no choice, but it doesn’t lessen the emotions.

Or the physical issues.

Maybe my mood is down which makes me vulnerable to the paranoia and anxiety. Maybe it’s because my kid accused me of abuse when I brushed her hair this morning and the brush got tangled in the rats.  Maybe it’s because I had another rough night of sporadic sleep (this time due to my allergies).

I don’t know much of anything except no matter how much the psych professionals downplay it all…Living this way sucks. Anxiety is not funny, it is not mild, it is not something you “shake off”.

That is all.


10 Responses to “Anxiety Meds Do Nada For Panxiety”

  1. I’ve never understood the dismissal of anxiety. What else can you experience that convinces you you’re having a heart attack when you’re not, for starters.

  2. (I’m being a total guy right now, so accept with a grain of salt and profound apologies for my assholery) My cool 16 y.o. daughter who has obscenely long hair still likes the green bottle with the octopus on it, smells like apples, and still cries when her hair tangles. There are also home-made alternatives that I haven’t tried, see: I’ll have a cup of tea to help me face my own issues, because I’m not allowed bourbon here at the office. But tonight. Oh shit I have stuff to do at home. At least if I choose to, at home I can have a little bourbon.

    I hope your mood and panxiety shift to better feelings soon.

    Love and assholery,

  3. I have to switch my anxiety meds every 6 months or so. I usually go between xanax and klonopin. They just stop working as I get used to them.

    • Xanax has been the only anti anxiety med to work for me. Keeps panic attacks to a minimum, holds the anxiety at bay…sadly, nothing for paranoia. I am told their cross labeled anti psychotics for bipolar would help but every single one of them has made me sick or more mental.
      Too bad the doctor won’t prescribe wine.

  4. I’ve been on some anxiety meds for a while and I’ve come to the realisation that they’re doing nothing and not at all changing the frequency of my panic attacks. If anything, the fact that I have to take them is making me more anxious! Hope you can find something that works though, and great post! 😉

    • Xanax is my wonder drug for panic attacks and anxiety. It’s just unfortunate it doesn’t dull the paranoia.

      On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 12:38 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Thanks, I’ll have to ask my doctor about. It’s a real shame it doesn’t, your right. Hope everything works out for you 🙂

  5. andrewsaltarelli Says:

    Never have anything to say, but, would like to talk to your family, with reason and persuasion! hahahahahahahahahahahahah

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