Today wasn’t so awful, if you discount the three hours I spent dealing with the devil girls basically disrupting my entire equilibrium and destroying my central nervous system. I woke up, ish, feeling not so awful. It was warm and sunny so I didn’t even feel the usual pull to loll beyond nine a.m. I thought, I can work with feeling this way daily.

And then…with each passing hour came life’s little leeches.Those blood sucking things that do not serve any useful purpose. They just suck away pieces of you until what you thought was an okay day becomes one more shit day. And you get indignant and stubborn and pissed off and you tell yourself, No, NO, these fuckers do NOT get to ruin my otherwise bearable day!

The leeches care not. They are there in the form of traffic, other people, noise, demands, family recriminations, defiant children….

If the human body has X amount of blood pumping through it and can only lose Y amount before death occurs…

From a psychological standpoint, most days I am the walking dead. Because the leeches of life constantly drain me yet little replenishes me.

Those awful devil girls were the start. I let them come inside out of the sun and…from there it was just, give us snacks, give us more snacks, let us have this, let us do that. I went into Spook’s room and smelled a familiar reek and those little brats had helped themselves to my nail polish in the other room without asking, then dumped half the bottle on the floor and were having my kid clean it up and try to lie about it. I was infuriated and asked, “Do you go to other people’s house and touch their things without permission?” They said no. I asked, “Then why do you show me such disrespect?”

At which point I told them all to get out, go play outside. I have banned them from coming inside and I made it clear to my kid. I also chastised her for letting them get into my stuff and not at least telling me about it. On that one she was innocent, she didn’t have polish on her. Those girls….I try so very hard to be a cool mom, to be firm but flexible, to not be a jerk, to like my kid’s friends…But these two have so little respect and so few boundaries, I wanna throat punch their parents. I’ve been harping on these two girls for the last three years since they darkened our doorstep. And in what must be an example of the universe having an evil sense of humor, instead of moving away…the devil girls and their parents moved right behind us. Like less than a hundred feet away. YAY.

I miss the days when they weren’t allowed to play here because of all those rumors about me being a satanic lesbian vampire or whatever. Maybe the chainsaw guy on my car decal with start a new rumor about me being a serial killer…

But digressing…progressing, IDGAF.

Once the devil girls took off with two other girls from the neighborhood, Spook and I braved the dish. I wanted an Aldi pizza, the fresh deli ones. I saw how packed the lot was and literally said, “Fuck that.” We went to a smaller store.

She was decent the rest of the day, the devil girls did not return, and I was pondering sitting down at my desk and trying to write. Trying to give myself one little bit of pleasantness that none of life’s leeches can rob me of.

And then R called. In all fairness since he’s doing so poorly at the shop and hasn’t even been inviting me for lunch or offering a pack of smokes, he’s been leaving me be sans texts and calls. BUT of 14 days he didn’t need me even for lunch…he still managed to infringe on my 12 days to order some part or other.

And…as predicted…“Well, I am doing the work on your car, so you kind of owe me…”

I wish I’d sold my soul to satan, at least he’s plain evil. Dealing with R is just ambiguous at best. He assured me he wasn’t going to use the car repair thing against me and yet he totally is. And that car repair thing ain’t fucking working anyway cos he doesn’t have time or a clue. Yet here I am, in chains, life being further leeched out of me.

I couldn’t find the part he wanted tonight because he didn’t give me all the correct parameters. So he Google’d it himself and came up with the exact part number. Then had me order it. What the fuck was the point of that? Give me half the pertinent info, then chastise me for “not looking hard enough”. WHY?

This particular leech lives solely to make me miserable yet throws me a bone every so often so I hang on, hoping one day the friendship might feel less like a prison…

Sad fucking part is…I’ve looked into local mechanics. Sixty bucks an hour is the base pay. And even they admitted the machine throws an error code but it could take six hours to trace it down. Short of the lottery, I can’t pull that off, even if every one thinks child support is some bottomless pit of wealth. (Which it is not when you’re using half of it to cover food when before you had food covered, yeah, yeah, first world trailer park problems.) Just….grrr. Not whining. Frustration. I’m sick of being fed the “my boo boo is bigger than your boo boo” argument by tv. Someone will always have it worse but this is MY life, this is what I am dealing with, and it sucks.

Actually, if you think about it…from individual points of view…we all have levels of suck in our lives. It’s just a matter of what Vacuum model, brand, price range, and the suction power. Mine is definitely Hoover Wind Tunnel at least.

Okay, rant needed, rant over.

I feel like my night has been ruined. But I know I am pissed off to the extreme because shark week arrived and I am just feeling…hormonal. That and people are leechy dickbags sometimes.

This post has been brought to you by the letters P, M, And S.





9 Responses to “Leeches”

  1. Honey girl, I hear ya. Listen to Cliff Richards – ”Devil Woman”. I. Love. Youuu!

  2. Ugh life can suck so hard at times

  3. I hate those devil girls

    • I was a little hopeful when two new kids showed up yesterday. They seemed nice. Told my kid they had to go “check in” and Spook said, “Promise you’ll come back? They (the devil girls) say it and they lie all the time.”
      The older girl said, “Oh, we’ll be back, I never lie to my friends.”

      They never did come back.
      Of course, Spook blames me because I dared to run to the store for a half hour.

      Sooo over people for the most part.

  4. imptiness Says:

    So the sharks left me and swam to you.. sleep is eluding me again and i miss you.. am all emotional and shit and dammit i want a hug!!!!!!!! i am sooo coming back to you dude! Oh and my mum is so close to being cut out of my life. Who needs blood relatives when all they do is suck the blood from you.

    Love you both so much


    ps.. i still have the t bex

    • Yeah, I have the sharks. My kid punched me in the arm yesterday cos I sent the devil girls away. This morning I didn’t have what she wanted for breakfast so she screamed that she hated me. Oh, and my mom is holding a grudge cos I didn’t let Spook have a sleepover to celebrate one of the bums’ birthday.
      I’m with you, moms are on my last nerve.
      Hugs are good. So I’ve heard, my family doesn’t do that sort of thing.
      We hope you do come back, you’re family and you belong with us.
      Love your and your the-roy ❤

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