On Hold: Thanks for nothing, Doctor

I overslept and nearly made my kid late for school. Again. This, after a winter of not being so low functioning. Guess Cymbalta helped with that even if it made me so nervous I wanted to claw off my skin.

Now I am on the lowly dose of 20mg Prozac and guess what…it’s doing fuck all.

So I faced my phone fear and called to talk to my shrink’s nurse. Remember their mantra: “If you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to call our office.”

What they fail to mention is that nine times out of ten you have to leave a message then wait in a holding pattern for a day or three or four.

This is not helpful.

I also think my death trap is literally trying to kill me. The exhaust and fuel fumes give me a headache every time I am in it, even though Spook doesn’t seem bothered by it. Of course, due to her tantrums, she doesn’t spend much time in the car as I do things while she is at school. That means I am getting the brunt of whatever noxious fumes it’s producing.

R keeps asking, “How’s the car running?”

I keep saying, “Like shit.”

He says, “Damn.”

Lather, rinse, repeat ,as if I am gonna give him a different answer three days later cos all the problems that thing has will magically resolve themselves.

On another note…If my posts have started to seem kidcentric…well, fuck it. I live with the spawn 24-7 and her tantrums do affect my mood and hike up my anxiety. Fuck a fancy bag. If she were my only issue I would be so lucky. She was just the issue de jour yesterday. We’d had a good run of her behaving well. Kids are like that.

Thanks to Diane for this.


Oh, this one came from R but I like Next Gen, so whatevs.



12 Responses to “On Hold: Thanks for nothing, Doctor”

  1. Oh man I wish he’d fix the car :/

    • Me, too. Damn thing stalled in a busy intersection yesterday and all these cars were racing at me…and literally, the car just idled and wouldn’t even inch forward.
      But of course, I am just a hysterical female driver making a big deal out of nothing right into my casket.

      • Oh shit I hate to hear the kind of criticism you get. It all sounds very damn shitty and I’m sorry you’re going through it all.

  2. I’m buying a scratch lottery ticket tonight. If I win, I’m mailing you the cash, because this situation sucks. I’m so sorry. I wish I could be super-powered, and just fix it. or rich, either way works. Or a truly evil genius supervillain and then I could just have my henchmen do my dirty work. Hmm, that last option could be really entertaining…

    • I want to be an overlord and have minions.
      Really, when the depression or anxiety is the worst…I want minions to go do all the errands that make me melt down.
      I could also go for some french fries right about now and…nope. No minions. Damn.

    • I bought a scratch off, so much for 1:4 odds, I lost that cash. I’ll try again when I have another $2. Sigh. Should have just given it to my friend with the credit card. Sorry. This, minus all the publicity and wasteful extravagance:

  3. Spook is your kid. Why would people get upset about you talking about her? You should run them over with that car of yours. Or lock them in it with the engine on so they can breathe in those noxious fumes.

    • I don’t think it was necessarily a complaint, just a comment on how much my kid’s misbehavior seems to trigger me. (Non bipolar people would be triggered, too.)

      I just don’t want my blog to devolve into kidcentric “Forget bipolar, my kid is the problem.”

      On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  4. Damn, if your posts weren’t kidcentric I’d have to worry about your give a fuck.

    I LOVE the bedazzled horns! Fantastic

    • I’m just looking for balance. I have so many people ask “HOW do you balance single parenting while all this bipolar and anxiety is going on?”
      I think my posts demonstrate that some days I deal better than others. Doesn’t make me or my kid at fault, life is just hard.

  5. R needs to stop being so self absorbed n Fix. The. Dammed. Car! You too many bad things & people with bad agendas coming at you. Hugs! N if anyone criticizes re the topics of your post, I agree FUCK IT! *got my middle finger in the air. 😛

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